Fungi of Northern Europe – Volume 4


The genus Tricholoma


Authors: Christensen M. & Heilmann-Clausen J. (2013) 

Volume: 4. Series title: Fungi of Northern Europe  – Publisher: Svampetryk –  Edition number: 1 – Language: English – Number of pages: 228. ISBN: 9788798358183.

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This book provides identification keys, detailed descriptions, colour photographs, drawings and distribution maps of 67 northern European species of Tricholoma. Each entry includes a colour photo , distribution map and schematic of spore shape and size. The authors have been working on this project for more than 20 years, and have visited almost all corners of Europe. Numerous field trips have been supplemented with type studies, molecular phylogenetic analyses and discussions with many other experts. This publication should remain an important tool and reference in the study of European Tricholomas for both amateurs and professionals for many years.


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