Fungi non delineati 61


Rare and notheworty species of agarics from the Western Caucasus


Authors: E. F. Malysheva & T.Y. Svetasheva (2011)

Series title: Fungi non DelineatiPublisher: Edizioni Candusso – Copyright information: Massimo Candusso – Edition number: 1 – Language: English – Number of pages: 103 – Number of illustrations: 36 b/w illustrations, 45 illustrations in colour.

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Introduction (part of)

The present work is devoted to study of agaric fungi diversity in the Western Caucasus. The most interesting and rare species and varieties are represesented here with the detailed descriptions and illustrations. Some of the taxa were found in the studied territory for the first time, others are known based on only few collections. This work does not provide the ultimate revision of the rare species in the area, but represents the first stage of generalization of the study results. Totally 39 species belonging to the genera of the different families, namely Arrhenia, Camarophyllopsis, Chrysomphalina, Clitocybe, Cortinarius, Dermoloma, Entoloma, Galerina, Hydropus, Inocybe, Lepiota, Leucoagaricus, Leucopaxillus, Lichenomphalia, Mycena, Phaeogalera, Pluteus, Psathyrella, Rhodocybe, and Tricholoma were described.


Arrhenia velutipes (P.D. Orton) Redhead, Lutzoni, Moncalvo & Ammirati, Camarophyllopsis micacea (Berk. & Broome) Arnolds, Chrysomphalina grossula (Pers.) Norvell, Redhead & Ammirati, Clitocybe houghtonii (W. Phillips) Dennis, Clitocybe nitriolens J. Favre, Clitocybe phaeophtalma (Pers.) Kuyper, Cortinarius cinnabarinus Fr., Cortinarius humicola (Quél.) Maire, Cortinarius melanotus Kalchbr., Dermoloma cuneifolium (Fr.) Bon, Dermoloma pseudocuneifolium Bon, Entoloma strigosissimum (Rea) Noordel., Galerina cinctula P.D. Orton, Hydropus atramentosus (Kalchbr.) Kotl. & Pouzar. Hydropus semimarginellus Singer, Hydropus subalpinus (Högn.) Singer, Inocybe calamistrata (Fr.) Gillet, Lepiota echinella Quél. & Bern., Lepiota felina (Pers.) P. Karst., Lepiota tomentella J.E. Lange, Leucoagaricus nympharum (Kalchbr.) Bon, Lichenomphalia velutina (Quél.) Redhead, Lutzoni, Moncalvo & Vilgalys, Mycena crocata (Schrad.) P. Kumm., Mycena olida Bres., Mycena purpureofusca (Peck) Sacc., Phaeogalera dissimulans (Berk. & Broome) Holec, Pluteus chrysophaeus (Schaeff.) Quél., Pluteus exiguus (Pat.) Sacc., Pluteus hispidulus (Fr.) Gillet, Pluteus leoninus (Schaeff.) P. Kumm., Pluteus phlebophorus (Dinn.) P. Kumm., Pluteus semibulbosus (Lasch) Gillet, Pluteus thomsonii (Berk. & Broome) Dennis, Psathyrella ocellata (Romagn.) Moser, Psathyrella populina (Britz.) Kits van Wav., Psathyrella umbrina Kits van Wav., Rhodocybe nitellina (Fr.) Singer, Tricholoma aurantium (Schaeff.) Ricken


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