Fungi non delineati 22


Macromiceti nuovi, rari o specifici della regione mediterranea


Authors: D. Antonini & M. Antonini (2002)

Series title: Fungi non DelineatiPublisher: Edizioni Candusso – Copyright information: Massimo Candusso – Edition number: 1 – Language: Italian – Number of pages: 72 – Number of illustrations: 13 b/w illustrations, 16 illustrations in colour.

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In this contribution we continue our investigations regarding the study about the mycoflora of mediterranean areas. The localities visited are mainly dominated by Quercus ilex vegetation, some monitored are characterized by coastal vegetation (Ammophila arenaria, Cistus ssp., Phyllirea ssp., Myrtus communis etc.). The majority of the our investigations are in the evergreen forest of Tuscany. Material was identified with the standard taxonomic methodology and for evaluation of spores some statistical methods are used, objective in the sporographic analysis. All the exsiccata are deposited in the Herbarium Universitatis Senensis (SIENA). As a consequence of this study, during the last 10 years, we describe here 13 taxa, with taxonomy, their ecology and corology useful for a future distribution map of the mediterranean macrofungi. Six of them have been described as new taxa: Hygrocybe persistens var. pallidocarnea, a new variety of the dune with slender colours; Cortinarius strobilaceofulvus (= C. psammocephalus ss. str. Lindström et al.); Cortinarius tigrinipes forma suaveolens, with the smell similar to C. torvusCortinarius natalis, characterized by greenish colours and the present of fibrils on the pileus, similar to Amanita submembranacea with a volvaceous veil; Russula parahelios, similar to R. helios but with greater spores and a particolar pileipellis; Gomphidius mediterraneus, a new small Gomphidius associated with evergreen forest (Quercus ilex and Arbutus unedo), with apricot colours.


Arrhenia rickenii (Hora) Watling, Cortinarius natalis D. Antonini & M. Antonini [sp. nov.], Cortinarius petroselineus Chevassut & Rob. Henry, Cortinarius strobilaceofulvus D. Antonini & M. Antonini [sp.nov.], Cortinarius tigrinipes fo. suaveolens D. Antonini & M. Antonini [fo. nov.], Gomphidius mediterraneus D. Antonini & M. Antonini [sp,. nov.], Hygrocybe persistens var. pallidocarnea D. Antonini & M. Antonini [var. nov.], Hygrocybe subglobispora (P.D. Orton) M.M. Moser. Hygrophorus leucophaeo-ilicis Bon & Chevassut, Lactarius mairei var. ilicis Lalli & Pacioni, Russula parahelios D. Antonini & M. Antonini [sp. nov.], Sarcodon cyrneus Maas Geest., Tricholoma sulphurescens Bres.


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