Fungi Europaei 6


Hygrophorus s.l.


Author: M. Candusso (1997)

Series title: Fungi EuropaeiPublisher: Libreria Basso – Copyright information: Massimo Candusso – Edition number: 1- Language: Italian (key: English, Italian) – Number of pages: 784 – Number of illustrations: 109 b/w illustrations, 102 photocolor, 80 colored plates.

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The genus Hygrophorus has been divided into sections and subsections, which are easily identified with the key based on field characters only. Once in the section or subsection, the species can be identified by means of another key, at times including also microcharacters. The species little known to us along with varieties or forms of dubious validity have been included, always reporting their original descriptions, just for the sake of completeness.  In the present work 43 species, 5 varieties and 2 forms in the genus Hygrophorus and 59 species, 6 varieties and 1 form in the genus Hygrocybe are described.


Agaricus limacinus Schaeffer, Cuphophyllus pratensis (Bulliard: Fr.) M. Bon forma pallidifolius M. Bon & Jamoni, Camarophyllus cereopallidus Clemençon, Cuphophyllus ochraceopallidus var. mesophaeus M. Bon, Cuphophyllus niveus forma roseipes (Massee) M. Bon, Hygrophorus agathosmus (Fries) Fries forma agathosmus, Hygrophorus agathosmus forma alba forma nov., Hygrophorus agathosmus forma aureo floccosus Bresadola, Hygrophorus arbustivus Fries var. arbustivus, Hygrophorus arbustivus var. quercetorum Bon & Chevassut, Hygrophorus aureus (Arrhenius) Fries, Hygrophorus bresadolae Quélet in Bresadola, Hygrophorus camarophyllus (A.-S.: Fries) Dum., Grandj. & Maire fo. melliolens M. Bon, Hygrophorus camarophyllus (Albertini & Schweiniz: Fries), Hygrophorus camarophyllus var. calophyllus Konrad & Maublanc, Hygrophorus capreolarius (Kalchbrenner) Fries, Hygrophorus carneogriseus Malençon, Hygrophorus carpini Gröger, Hygrophorus chrysaspis Métrod, Hygrophorus chrysodon (Batsch: Fries) Fries, Hygrophorus cossus (Sowerby) Fries, Hygrophorus cuspidatus Peck (1897), Hygrophorus discoxanthus (Fries) Rea, Hygrophorus discoideus (Persoon: Fries) Fries, Hygrophorus eburneus (Bull.: Fries) Fries var. eburneus, Hygrophorus eburneus var. quercetorum (Orton) Arnolds, Hygrophorus erubescens (Fr.: Fr.) Fr. var. erubescens, Hygrophorus erubescens var. persicolor (Ricek) M. Bon, Hygrophorus fagi Becker & Bon, Hygrophorus flavodiscus Frost in Peck, Hygrophorus fragicolor Papetti, Hygrophorus fuscoalboides L.R. Hesler & A.H. Smith, Hygrophorus fuscoalbus (Lasch: Fries) Fries, Hygrophorus gliocyclus Fries, Hygrophorus hedrychii (Velenovsky) Kult, Hygrophorus hyacinthinus Quélet, Hygrophus hypothejus (Fries: Fries) Fries, Hygrophorus inocybiformis A.H. Smith, Hygrophorus karstenii Saccardo & Cuboni, Hygrophorus korhonenii Harmaja, Hygrophorus laetus forma pallidus A.H. Smith, Hygrophorus latitabundus Britzelmayr, Hygrophorus leporinus Fries, Hygrophorus leucophaeo-ilicis Bon & Chevassut, Hygrophorus leucophaeus (Scopoli: Fries) Fries, Hygrophorus ligatus (Fries) Fries, Hygrophorus lindtneri Moser, Hygrophorus lucorum forma amethysteus forma nova, Hygrophorus lucorum Kalchbrenner forma lucorum, Hygrophorus marzuolus (Fries) Bresadola, Hygrophorus melizeus (Fries: Fries) Fries, Hygrophorus mesotephrus Berkeley & Broome, Hygrophorus nemoreus (Persoon: Fries) Fries, Hygrophorus nemoreus (Persoon: Fries) Fries var. gracilis M. Bon, Hygrophorus odoratus A.H. Smith & L.R. Hesler, Hygrophorus olivaceoalbus (Fries: Fries) Fries , Hygrophorus olivaceoalbus var. gracilis R. Maire, Hygrophorus pacificus A.H. Smith & L.R. Hesler, Hygrophorus penarius Fries var. penarius, Hygrophorus penarius var. barbatulus (Becker) M. Bon, Hygrophorus persoonii Arnolds, Hygrophorus persoonii var. fuscovinosus (M. Bon) M. Bon, Hygrophorus piceae Kühner, Hygrophorus pleurotoides J. Favre, Hygrophorus poetarum Heim, Hygrophorus pratensis Fr. var. pallida Berk. & Br., Hygrophorus proximus Krieger, Hygrophorus pseudodiscoideus (Maire) Malençon et Bertault var. formosus M. Bon, Hygrophorus pseudodiscoideus (R. Maire) Malençon & Bertault var. pseudodiscoideus, Hygrophorus pseudodiscoideus var. cistophilus Bon & Riousset, Hygrophorus pudorinus (Fries: Fries) Fries, Hygrophorus puniceus Fr. var. flavescens Kauffman, Hygrophorus purpurascens (Albertini & Schweiniz: Fries) Fries, Hygrophorus purpurascens var. cedretorum R. Maire, Hygrophorus pustulatus (Persoon: Fries) Fries, Hygrophorus queletii Bresadola, Hygrophorus reai R. Maire, Hygrophorus rigelliae Vel., Hygrophorus roseodiscoideus Bon & Chevassut, Hygrophorus russula (Fries: Fries) Quélet, Hygrophorus secretanii E. Henning, Hygrophorus speciosus Peck, Hygrophorus spodoleucus Moser, Hygrophorus subviscifer (P. Karsten) Harmaja, Hygrophorus tephroleucus (Persoon: Fries) Fries, Hygrophorus unicolor Gröger, Hygrocybe acutoconica (F. Clements) Singer, Hygrocybe acutopunicea R. Haller, Hygrocybe angustifolia (Murrill) Candusso comb. nov., Hygrocybe aurantiolutescens forma pseudoconica M. Bon, Hygrocybe aurantiosplendens R. Haller, Hygrocybe aurantioviscida Arnolds, Hygrocybe aurantius (Murrill) Murrill, Hygrocybe berkeleyi (P.D. Orton) P.D. Orton & Watling, Hygrocybe biminiata Kühner, Hygrocybe brevispora F.Hygrocybe  Møller, Hygrocybe calciphila (miniata) var. microspora (Kühner) Bon, Hygrocybe calciphila Arnolds, Hygrocybe calyptriformis (Berk. & Br.) Fayod, Hygrocybe canescens (A., H. Smith & Hesler) P.D. Orton, Hygrocybe cantharellus (Schweiniz) Murrill, Hygrocybe ceracea (Fries: Fries) P.Kummer, Hygrocybe ceracea var. vitellinoides (Bon) Bon, Hygrocybe chlorophana (Fries: Fries) Wünsche, Hygrocybe cinerea (Pers.: Fr.) P.D. Orton & Watling, Hygrocybe cinereifolia Courtecuisse & Priou, Hygrocybe cinerella (Kühner) Arnolds, Hygrocybe citrinofusca (Favre) M. Bon, Hygrocybe citrinopallida (A., H. Smith & Hesler) Y. Kobayasi, Hygrocybe citrinovirens (J.E. Lange) J. Schaeffer, Hygrocybe clivalis (Fr.) P.D. Orton & Watling, Hygrocybe coccinea (Schaeffer: Fr.) P. Kummer var. umbonata Herink, Hygrocybe coccinea (Schaeffer: Fries) P. Kummer var. coccinea, Hygrocybe coccineocrenata (P.D. Orton) M. Moser, Hygrocybe colemanniana (Bloxam) P.D. Orton & Watl., Hygrocybe conica (Schaeffer: Fries) Kummer var. conica, Hygrocybe conica var. chloroides (Malençon) M. Bon, Hygrocybe conica var. conicopalustris (R. Haller) ex Arnolds, Hygrocybe conica var. minor Monthoux & Röllin, Hygrocybe conica var. pseudoconica (J.E. Lange) Kühner, Hygrocybe conicoides (P.D. Orton) P.D. Orton & Watling, Hygrocybe constans J.E. Lange, Hygrocybe constrictospora Arnolds, Hygrocybe corsica Candusso, Hygrocybe flavipes (Britzelmayr) Arnolds, Hygrocybe fornicata (Fries) Singer, Hygrocybe fuscescens (Bresadola) P.D. Orton & Watling, Hygrocybe glacialis Borgen & Senn-Irlet, Hygrocybe glutinipes (J.E. Lange) R. Haller var. glutinipes, Hygrocybe glutinipes var. rubra M. Bon, Hygrocybe helobia (Arnolds) M. Bon, Hygrocybe hygrocyboides (Kühner) Arnolds, Hygrocybe ingrata Jensen et Møller, Hygrocybe ingrata Jensen et Møller. f. minor Møller, Hygrocybe insipida (J. Lange) Moser, Hygrocybe intermedia (Passerini) Fayod, Hygrocybe irrigata (Persoon: Fries) M. Bon, Hygrocybe konradii Haller var. pseudopersistens M. Bon, Hygrocybe konradii R. Haller, Hygrocybe lacmus (Schumacher) P.D. Orton & Watling, Hygrocybe laeta (Persoon: Fries) P. Kummer var. laeta, Hygrocybe laeta forma curtipes F., H. Møller, Hygrocybe laeta forma griseopallida Bon, Hygrocybe laeta forma pseudopsittacina Bon, Hygrocybe laeta var. flava Boertmann, Hygrocybe lepida Arnolds, Hygrocybe lilacina (P. Karsten) M. Moser, Hygrocybe luteolaeta Arnolds, Hygrocybe marchii (Bresadola) F., H. Møller, Hygrocybe miniata (Fries: Fries) P. Kummer, Hygrocybe miniata var. mollis (Berk. & Br.) Arnolds, Hygrocybe minutula (Peck) Murrill, Hygrocybe moseri M. Bon (=H. mollis (Bk. Br.) Moser), Hygrocybe mucronella (Fries) P. Karsten, Hygrocybe murinacea (Fries: Fries) Moser, Hygrocybe nitiosa (Blytt) Moser, Hygrocybe nitrata (Persoon) Wünsche, Hygrocybe obrussea (Fries: Fries) Wünsche, Hygrocybe olivaceonigra (P.D. Orton) Moser, Hygrocybe ortoniana M. Bon, Hygrocybe ovina (Bulliard: Fries) Kühner, Hygrocybe paraceracea M. Bon, Hygrocybe parvula (Peck) Murrill, Hygrocybe perplexa (A., H.Smith & Hesler) Arnolds, Hygrocybe phaeococcinea (Arnolds) M. Bon, Hygrocybe pratensis (Persoon: Fries) Murrill var. pratensis, Hygrocybe pratensis forma vitulinus (Pers.) M. Bon, Hygrocybe pratensis var. donadinii (M. Bon) Candusso, comb. nov., Hygrocybe pseudocuspidata Kühner, Hygrocybe psittacina (Schaeffer: Fries) P. Kummer, Hygrocybe psittacina var. abietina (Heim) M. Bon, Hygrocybe punicea (Fries: Fries) P. Kummer, Hygrocybe quieta (Kühner) Singer, Hygrocybe radiata Arnolds, Hygrocybe reai var. mite Kühner, Hygrocybe reidii Kühner, Hygrocybe rhodophylla Kühner, Hygrocybe riparia Kreisel, Hygrocybe russocoriacea (Berkeley & Miller) P.D.Orton & Watling, Hygrocybe salicis-herbaceae Kühner, Hygrocybe sciophana (Fr.: Fr.) Wünsche, Hygrocybe sciophanoides Rea, Hygrocybe spadicea (Scopoli) P. Karsten, Hygrocybe spadicea var. albifolia (Hesler & A., H. Smith) Boertmann, Hygrocybe splendidissima (P.D. Orton) Moser, Hygrocybe strangulata (P.D. Orton) Svrcek, Hygrocybe streptopus (Fr.) Sing. & Kuthan, Hygrocybe subalba M. Bon & D. Réaudin, Hygrocybe subglobispora (P.D. Orton) Moser, Hygrocybe subglobispora forma aurantiorubra Arnolds, Hygrocybe subpapillata Kühner, Hygrocybe subradiata (Schumacher) P.D. Orton & Watling, Hygrocybe substrangulata (P.D. Orton) P.D. Orton & Watling, Hygrocybe turunda (Fries: Fries) P.Karsten, Hygrocybe unguinosa (Fr.: Fr.) Karst., Hygrocybe veselskyi Singer & Kuthan, Hygrocybe viola Geesink & Bas in Arnolds, Hygrocybe virginea (Wulfen: Fries) P.D. Orton & Watling, Hygrocybe virginea var. ochraceopallida (P.D. Orton) Boertmann, Hygrocybe vitellina (Fries) P. Karsten, Hygrocybe xanthochroa (P.D. Orton) Moser.


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