Fungi non delineati 23


Studies in Galerina – Galerinae Flandriae (1)


Authors: A. de Haan & R. Walleyn (2002)

Series title: Fungi non DelineatiPublisher: Edizioni Candusso – Copyright information: Massimo Candusso – Edition number: 1 – Language: English – Number of pages: 66 – Number of illustrations: 16 b/w illustrations, 16 illustrations in colour.

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Illustrated descriptions are givens of 16 Galerina taxa collected in Flanders, northern Belgium. The variability of several characters is discussed, and some nomenclatural novelties are proposed. Galerina calyptrata is accepted as a variety of G. cerina and G. cerina var. longicystis is considered only a form of the same species. Galerina pseudomniophila and G. cephalotricha are considered respectively a form and variety of G. mniophilaGalerina stylifera is considered a synonym of G. sideroides. It is also suggested that Galerina lacustris might be identical with G. tundrae. One collection is provisionally described ad Galerina hypnorum sensu Smith & Singer (1964).


Galerina cerina A.H. Sm. & Singer, Galerina cerina f. longicystis (A.H. Sm. & Singer) A. de Haan & Walleyn [fo. nov.], Galerina cerina var. calyptrata (P.D. Orton) Arnolds, Galerina clavata (Velen.) Kühner, Galerina graminea (Velen.) Kühner, Galerina hypnorum (Schrank) Kühner, Galerina mniophila (Lasch) Kühner, Galerina mniophila f. pseudomniophila (Kühner) A. de Haan & Walleyn, Galerina mniophila var. cephalotricha (Kühner) A. de Haan & Walleyn, Galerina paludosa (Fr.) Kühner, Galerina pumila (Peck) Singer, Galerina sideroides (Bull.) Kühner, Galerina subclavata Kühner, Galerina tibiicystis (G.F. Atk.) Kühner, Galerina tundrae A.H. Sm. & Singer.


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