Fungi Europaei 5B / Flora Agaricina Neerlandica 1 supplement


Entoloma s.l. Subgenera Cyanula, Leptonia, Nolanea, Trichopus, and the /Rhombisporum clade


Authors: M.E. Noordeloos, O. Morozova, B. Dima, K. Reschke, G. Jensen, T.E. Brandrud, J.B. Jordal, E. Bendiksen & J. Vila (2022)

Series title: Fungi Europaei / Flora Agaricina Neerlandica  – Publisher: Candusso Editrice – Copyright information: Lidia Carla Candusso – Edition number: 1 – Language: English, Dutch, Italian – Number of pages: 968 – Number of illustrations: 59 b/w illustrations, 1100 illustrations in colour. ISBN: 9788894371031.

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This book, presents the first volume of an up to date revision of Entoloma s.l. in the series Fungi Europaei 5: Entoloma sensu lato in Europe (1992; 2004), as well as an update of the Entoloma part of Flora agaricina neerlandica, vol. 1 (1988), with keys for identification, full descriptions and illustrations. Unlike the previous volumes, species concepts are now not morphological but phylogenetic, i.e. based on both morphology and the results of a phylogenetic study (Dima et al., 2023, Morozova et al., 2014, Noordeloos et al. 2022, Reschle et al. 2022), and to some extent also ecological and distributional data are involved. This often resulted in new species concepts and a fair number of new species. The photographs in this book are in most cases referring to nrDNA ITS barcodes deposited in GenBank. The keys are practical and lead to species and species complexes that can be morphologically characterised. Some species complexes consist of barcode species that are hard to distinguish otherwise. We tried to get all types molecularly studied, and many neoor epitypes have been designated. The first volume covers subgenera Cyanula, Leptonia, Nolanea, Trichopilus, and the /Rhombisporum clade, together with around 200 species and hundreds of new photographs. The second volume, which will follow in two years, will contain the remaining subgenera with about the same number of species.


Entoloma acidophilum Arnolds & Noordel., Entoloma aethiops (Scop.) G. Stev., Entoloma albotomentosum Noordel. & Hauskn., Entoloma allochroum Noordel., Entoloma allospermum Noordel., Entoloma altaicum O.V. Morozova, Reschke, Noordel. & Ageev, Entoloma ameides (Berk. & Broome) Sacc., Entoloma ammophilum G.M. Jansen, Dima, Noordel. & Vila, Entoloma anatinum (Lasch) Donk, Entoloma anodinum Vila, J. Carbó, Valero, Reschke & Noordel., Entoloma aranense F. Caball. & Vila, Entoloma argillaceum O.V. Morozova, Reschke, Corriol, Noordel., Zvyagina, E.F. Malysheva & Svetash., Entoloma asprellum (Fr.) Fayod, Entoloma assiduum Vila, Reschke, Corriol, Polemis & Lozoides, Entoloma atlanticum G. Tassi, Entoloma atrocoeruleum Noordel., Entoloma atrofissuratum Noordel. & Wölfel, Entoloma atromarginatum (Romagn. & J. Favre) Zschiesch., Entoloma aurantioalpinum Armada, Vila, Bellanger, Noordel., Krisai & Dima, Entoloma austriacum Courtec., Entoloma azureopallidum Corriol, Entoloma benedictinum Vila, Marulli, Battistin & Dima, Entoloma brunneicoeruleum O.V. Morozova, Noordel., Brandrud, J.B. Jordal & Dima, Entoloma brunneoserrulatum Eyssart. & Noordel., Entoloma caeruleopinophilum Vila, Ribes & Dima, Entoloma caeruleum (P.D. Orton) Noordel., Entoloma caesiocinctum (Kühner) Noordel., Entoloma calabrum Battistin, Marsico, Vizzini, Vila & Ercole, Entoloma calceus Noordel., Bendiksen, Brandrud, P.-A. Moreau & Vila, Entoloma caliginosum (Romagn. & J. Favre) Bon & Courtec., Entoloma callichroum E. Horak & Noordel., Entoloma callipygmaeum O.V. Morozova, Noordel. & Dima, Entoloma calobrunneum F. Caball., Vila & Català, Entoloma carbonicola Noordel., Entoloma carneogriseum (Berk. & Broome) Noordel., Entoloma catalaunicum (Singer) Noordel., Entoloma caulocystidiatum Noordel. & Dima, Entoloma cedretorum (Romagn. & Riousset) Noordel., Entoloma cephalotrichum (P.D. Orton) Noordel., Entoloma cetratum (Fr.) M.M. Moser, Entoloma chalybescens Wölfel, Noordel. & Dähncke, Entoloma chalybeum (Pers.) Noordel., Entoloma chlorinosum Arnolds & Noordel., Entoloma chloropolium (Fr.) M.M. Moser,  Entoloma chytrophilum Wölfel, Noordel. & Dähncke, Entoloma cinnamomeum O.V. Morozova, Vila, Finy, D. Ageev & Dima, Entoloma cistocruentatum Vila, Noordel. & Dima, Entoloma clandestinum (Fr.) Noordel., Entoloma cocles (Fr.) Noordel. , Entoloma coelestinum (Fr.) Hesler, Entoloma conferendum (Britzelm.) Noordel., Entoloma coracis Brandrud, Dima, Noordel., G.M. Jansen & Vila, Entoloma cornicolor O.V. Morozova, Reschke & Noordel., Entoloma corvinum (Kühner) Noordel., Entoloma cuneatum (Bres.) M.M. Moser, Entoloma cuniculorum Arnolds & Noordel., Entoloma cuspidiferum Reschke & Noordel., Entoloma cyaneobasale Corriol, Dima & Noordel., Entoloma cyaneolilacinum Noordel., J.B. Jordal, Brandrud & Dima, Entoloma cyaneoviridescens (P.D. Orton) Noordel., Entoloma cyanulum (Lasch) Noordel., Entoloma dichroum (Pers.) P. Kumm., Entoloma dichroum var. corsicum (Romagn.) Courtec., Entoloma dichroum var. leptosporum E. Ludw. & Noordel., Entoloma dislocatum Vila, Dima & Noordel., Entoloma elodes (Fr.) P. Kumm., Entoloma erhardii Noordel., Dima, Svetash, Læssøe & Kehlet, Entoloma euchroum (Pers.) Donk, Entoloma exile (Fr.) Hesler, Entoloma extremophilum Vila, F. Caball. & Llimona, Entoloma fazziense P.-A. Moreau, Vila, Noordel. & Dima, Entoloma fernandae (Romagn.) Noordel. , Entoloma formosum (Fr.) Noordel., Entoloma frigidum Noordel., E. Larss., Bendiksen, G.M. Jansen & Dima, Entoloma fuscohebes Vila, J. Carbó & F. Caball., Entoloma fuscotomentosum F.H. Møller, Entoloma glaucobasis Huijsman ex Noordel., Entoloma globuliferum Noordel., Entoloma gomerense Wölfel & Noordel., Entoloma griseocyaneum (Fr.) P. Kumm., Entoloma hebes (Romagn.) Trimbach, Entoloma hirtipes (Schumach.) M.M. Moser, Entoloma hispidulum (M. Lange) Noordel., Entoloma holmvassdalenense Eidissen, Lorås & Weholt, Entoloma incanosquamulosum (Largent) Noordel. & Co-David, Entoloma incanum (Fr.) Hesler, Entoloma incognitum Reschke, Noordel., O.V. Morozova & Corriol, Entoloma indikon Kehlet, Dima & Noordel., Entoloma infula (Fr.) Noordel., Entoloma inutile (Britzelm.) Noordel., Entoloma isborscanum O.V. Morozova, Noordel., Dima, G.M. Jansen &, Entoloma jubatum (Fr.) P. Karst., Entoloma kristiansenii Noordel., Entoloma kruticianum O.V. Morozova, M.Yu. Dyakov, E.S. Popov & A.V. Alexandrova, Entoloma lampropus (Fr.) Hesler, Entoloma laurisilvae Hauskn. & Noordel., Entoloma lazulinum (Fr.) Noordel., Entoloma legionense Blanco-Dios, Entoloma lepidissimum (Svrček) Noordel., Entoloma leptopus Noordel., Entoloma leuconitens Noordel. & Polemis, Entoloma lidbergii Noordel. , Entoloma lilacinoroseum Bon & Guinb., Entoloma linkii (Fr.) Noordel., Entoloma lividocyanulum Noordel., Entoloma llimonae Vila, F. Caball., Català & J. Carbó, Entoloma lucidum (P.D. Orton) M.M. Moser, Entoloma lunare J.B. Jordal, Dima, G.M. Jansen & Noordel., Entoloma luteoochraceum Ribes & Vila, Entoloma luteoviolaceum Ribes & Vila, Entoloma majusculum (Kühner & Romagn.) Noordel., O.V. Morozova, Brandrud & Dima, Entoloma malenconii Vila & Llimona, Entoloma mauricum P.-A. Moreau, Corriol, Borgarino & Lavoise, Entoloma mediterraneense Noordel. & Hauskn., Entoloma meridionale Mešić, Vila, Polemis, Noordel. & Dima, Entoloma milthalerae M. Kamke & Lüderitz, Entoloma minutigranulosum O.V. Morozova, Noordel., Brandrud & Dima, Entoloma minutisporum (Vila & Llimona) J. Carbó, Vila, Català & F. Caball., Entoloma minutum (P. Karst.) Noordel., Entoloma montanum Noordel., J.B. Jordal, Lorås, Eidissen, E. Larss. & Dima, Entoloma mougeotii (Fr.) Hesler, Entoloma multicolor E. Ludw., Entoloma mutabilipes Noordel. & Liiv, Entoloma nigroflavescens Armada, Bellanger, Noordel. & Dima, Entoloma nigroviolaceum (P.D. Orton) Hesler, Entoloma noctis E. Ludw., Entoloma nordlandicum Noordel., Lorås, Eidissen & Dima, Entoloma notabile Loizides, Vila, P.-A. Moreau, Noordel. & Dima, Entoloma ochromicaceum Noordel. & Liiv, Entoloma olivaceohebes Noordel. & Hauskn., Entoloma olivaceostipitatum E. Ludw. & A.-S. Karlsson, Entoloma ortegae Vila & Ribes, Entoloma ortonii Arnolds & Noordel., Entoloma pallescens (P. Karst.) Noordel., Entoloma pallideradicatum Hauskn. & Noordel., Entoloma pallidostriatum Vila, Noordel. & Dima, Entoloma palmense Wölfel, Noordel. & Dähncke, Entoloma pararhombisporum Noordel., G.M. Jansen, O.V. Morozova, Reschke & Dima , Entoloma pentagonale J.B. Jordal, Noordel. & Dima, Entoloma perasprellum Corriol, Dima, O.V. Morozova, J.B. Jordal & Noordel., Entoloma perchalybeum Noordel., J.B. Jordal & Dima, Entoloma percoelestinum O. V. Morozova, Noordel., Vila & Bulyonk., Entoloma perfidodiscum Vila, Entoloma perrhombisporum Noordel., Dima, J.B. Jordal & O.V. Morozova, Entoloma phaeodiscum Vila & F. Caball., Entoloma piceinum O.V. Morozova, E.Yu. Voronina & S.N. Arslanov, Entoloma placidum (Fr.) Noordel., Entoloma pleopodium (Bull.ex DC) Noordel., Entoloma pluteidermum Arnolds & Noordel., Entoloma poliopus (Romagn.) Noordel., Entoloma porphyrogriseum Noordel., Entoloma porphyrophaeum (Fr.) P. Karst., Entoloma praecipuum J.B. Jordal, Noordel. & Dima, Entoloma pratulense Noordel., Entoloma prismatospermum (Romagn.) E. Horak, Entoloma psammophilohebes Vila & J. Fernández, Entoloma pseudocruentatum Noordel., Brandrud, G.M. Jansen, Dima & Læssøe, Entoloma pseudocyanulum Wölfel, Entoloma pseudoturci Noordel. , Entoloma pulchripes O.V. Morozova, Noordel., Brandrud & Dima, Entoloma pygmaeopapillatum Arnolds & Winterh., Entoloma queletii (Boud.) Noordel., Entoloma querquedula (Romagn.) Noordel., Entoloma reinwaldii Noordel. & Hauskn., Entoloma rhodocylix (Lasch) M.M. Moser, Entoloma rhombiibericum Vila, Dima & Noordel., Entoloma rhombisporoides Noordel., O.V. Morozova & Dima, Entoloma rhombisporum (Kühner & Boursier) E. Horak, Entoloma rhynchocystidiatum Noordel. & Liiv, Entoloma riparium Vila, Marulli & Battistin, Entoloma rivipollense Vila, Entoloma roseotinctum Noordel. & Liiv, Entoloma rufocarneum (Berk.) Noordel., Entoloma sacchariolens (Romagn.) Noordel., Entoloma sanvitalense Noordel. & Hauskn., Entoloma sarcitulum (P.D. Orton) Arnolds, Entoloma septentrionale Noordel., Lorås, Eidissen & Dima, Entoloma sericeoalpinum Vila, P.-A. Moreau, Corriol & Reschke, Entoloma sericeum Quél., Entoloma serrulatum (Fr.) Hesler, Entoloma simulans Reschke, Karich, Corriol, G.M. Jansen & Dima, Entoloma sodale Kühner & Romagn. ex Noordel., Entoloma sororpratulense J.B. Jordal, Karich, Dima & Noordel., Entoloma sphagnorum (Romagn. & J. Favre) Bon & Courtec., Entoloma squamosipes F. Caball. & Vila, Entoloma subcuboideum Noordel., J.B. Jordal, Vila & Dima, Entoloma sublaevisporum Vila, Noordel. & O. V.  Morozova, Entoloma syringicolor E. Ludw. & Noordel., Entoloma tigrinum Noordel., O.V. Morozova, Brandrud, J.B. Jordal & Dima, Entoloma timidum O.V. Morozova, Noordel., Brandrud, J.B. Jordal & Dima, Entoloma tjallingiorum Noordel. var. tjallingiorum, Entoloma tjallingiorum var. alnetorum (Monthoux & Röllin) O. V. Morozova, Noordel. & Vila, Entoloma tortiliforme F. Hampe, Kleine & Wölfel, Entoloma turci (Bres.) M.M. Moser, Entoloma uranochroum Hauskn. & Noordel., Entoloma ursulae Noordel., Wölfel & Hausknecht, Entoloma ventricosum Arnolds & Noordel., Entoloma venustum Wölfel & F. Hampe, Entoloma verae O.V. Morozova, Noordel., Reschke, F. Salzmann & Dima, Entoloma vernum S. Lundell, Entoloma versicolor P.-A. Moreau, Vila, Noordel. & Dima, Entoloma viaregale Noordel., Entoloma viiduense Noordel. & Liiv, Entoloma vindobonense Noordel. & Hauskn., Entoloma violaceoserrulatum Noordel., Brandrud, O.V. Morozova & Dima, Entoloma violaceoviride Arnolds & Noordel., Entoloma violaceozonatum Noordel. & Liiv, Entoloma waverenii Dima, Morozova & Noordel. [sp. nov.], Entoloma wynneae (Berk. & Broome) Sacc., Entoloma xanthochroum (P.D. Orton) Noordel., Entoloma xanthoserrulatum Noordel. & Vauras

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