Fungi non delineati 15


Rare, debated and new taxa of the genus Cortinarius  (Agaricales)


Author: M.M. Moser (2001)

Series title: Fungi non Delineati – Publisher: Libreria Mykoflora – Copyright information: Massimo Candusso – Edition number: 1 – Language: English- Number of pages: 57 – Number of illustrations: 17 b/w illustrations, 11 illustrations in colour.

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In this publication I intent to present and discuss a number of rare or often differently interpreted taxa. The bulk comes from Europe, but were available also American or Asian material has been included. A few new taxa are described, some from North America, mainly for comparative purposes.


Cortinarius absarokensis M.M. Moser & McKnight, Cortinarius angelesianus var. elakatopus M.M. Moser, Cortinarius atrocaeruleus M.M. Moser, Cortinarius blattoi Mazza, Cortinarius citrinofulvescens M.M. Moser [sp. nov.], Cortinarius compar (Weinm.) Fr., Cortinarius cyanites var. fuscoornatus M.M. Moser [var. nov.], Cortinarius detonsus (Fr.) Fr., Cortinarius fagetorum M.M. Moser, Cortinarius grallipes Fr., Cortinarius herpeticus Fr., Cortinarius ionophyllus M.M. Moser, Cortinarius laetissimus Rob. Henry, Cortinarius laetus M.M. Moser, Cortinarius montanus Kauffman, Cortinarius montanus var. fageticola (M.M. Moser) M.M. Moser [comb. nov.], Cortinarius montanus var. fuligineofolius M.M. Moser [var. nov.], Cortinarius multicolor M.M. Moser, Cortinarius pseudocompar M.M. Moser [sp. nov.], Cortinarius pseudobovinus M.M. Moser & Ammirati, Cortinarius scaurus (Fr.) Fr., Cortinarius scaurus fo. phaeophyllus M.M. Moser [fo. nov.], Cortinarius sytnikii M.M. Moser, Cortinarius scutulatus (Fr.) Fr.


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