Fungi Europaei 9


Amaniteae – Amanita, Limacella & Torrendia


Authors: P. Neville & S. Poumarat (2004)

Series title: Fungi EuropaeiPublisher: Edizioni Candusso – Copyright information: Massimo Candusso – Edition number: 1- Language: French – Number of pages: 1119 – Number of illustrations: 128 b/w illustrations, 202 photocolor, 113 colored plates. ISBN: 8890105739.

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The work deals with the European taxa of the tribe Amaniteae R. Mre, a member of the family Pluteaceae Kotlaba & Pouzar that includes the genera Torrendia Bres., Limacella Earle and Amanita Pers. After the generalities, the various characters taken into account in the study of these fungi are presented, these are followed by a critical survey of the names of the infrageneric and supraspecific taxa that have been proposed in the literature, and then by the exhaustive study of the species, varieties and forms of the tribe. The study includes the original diagnoses, keys, detailed descriptions, comments as well as abundance of illustrations (line-drawings of microanatomical features, photographs and colour plates). The final bibliography covers all the references made in the work.


Agaricus cocolla Scopoli, Agaricus maculatus Schaeffer, Agaricus (Lepiota) mesomorphus Bulliard, Agaricus moulinsii De Brondeau, Agaricus porphyrius a. [var.] major Fries, Agaricus porphyrius a. [var.] tenuior Fries, Agaricus ruderatus Batsch, Agaricus stramineus Scopoli, Amanita aestivalis Singer, Amanita amici f. bispora Contu, Amanita aminoaliphatica Filippi, Amanita ampla Persoon, Amanita angustispora Clel., Amanita andaryi Mornand, Amanita aspera (Persoon: Fries) Persoon, Amanita asperoides Heim, Amanita asteropus Sabo 1963 ex Romagnesi, Amanita baccata (Fries 1838) Gillet, Amanita baccata var. minor Bresadola, Amanita basii Guzmán & Ramirez-Guillén, Amanita boudieri Barla, Amanita boudieri var. beillei (Beauseigneur 1925) Neville & Poumarat, Amanita bresadolana Neville & Poumarat nom nov., Amanita brunnescens Atkinson, Amanita bulbosa var. albida Schröter, Amanita caesarea (Scopoli 1772: Fries 1821) Persoon 1801 f. caesarea, Amanita caesarea f. alba (Gillet 1874) Gilbert, Amanita caesarea f. lutea (Gillet) Neville & Poumarat comb. nov., Amanita caesareoides Vassileva, Amanita cariosa (Fr. 1838) Gillet, Amanita cinerea ss Bresadola, Amanita cinerea ss Otto, Amanita citrina (Schaeffer 1774) Persoon 1797 var. citrina [f. citrina], Amanita citrina [var. citrina] f. alba (Persoon 1818) Quélet, Amanita citrina [var. citrina] f. carneifolia F. Quirin, Charbonnel & Bouchet f. nov. ad int., Amanita citrina [var. citrina] f. lavendula (Coker 1917) Veselý, Amanita citrina f. crassior Massart & Rouzeau, Amanita citrina f. straminea (Scopoli) Gilbert, Amanita citrina var. alba f. glabra Parrot, Amanita citrina var. gracilis Parrot, Amanita citrina var. grisea (Hongo) Hongo, Amanita citrina var. intermedia Neville, Poumarat & Hermitte var. nov., Amanita clarae Aste & Burattini, Amanita coccola var. barlae Quélet, Amanita curtipes f. pseudovalens Neville & Poumarat f. nov., Amanita curtipes Gilbert 1941 f. curtipes, Amanita dunensis Heim 1963 ex Bon & Andary, Amanita echinocephala (Vittadini 1835) Quélet, Amanita echinocephala var. subbeillei (Neville & Poumarat 1996) Traverso, Amanita eliae Quélet, Amanita eliae [var. eliae] f. cretacea Parrot 1965 nom. inval., Amanita eliae [var. griseovelata] f. candida Neville & Poumarat f. nov., Amanita eliae var. griseovelata Bertault 1965 ex Neville & Poumarat var. nov., Amanita emilii Riel, Amanita erythrocephala Neville, Poumarat & Aste, Amanita excelsa (Fries 1821: Fries 1821) Bertillon, Amanita excelsa [var. excelsa] f. subcandida Neville & Poumarat nom. nov., Amanita excelsa [var. spissa] f. alba (Quélet 1892) Neville & Poumarat comb nov., Amanita excelsa [var. spissa] f. bohemica Kavina, Amanita excelsa [var.valida] f. lactea Parrot 1960 nom. inval., Amanita excelsa var. spissa (Fries 1838) Neville & Poumarat comb nov. [f. spissa], Amanita excelsa var. valida (Fries 1838) Wasser, Amanita flavorubens (Berk. & Mont.) Gilbert, Amanita flavorubescens Atkinson, Amanita formicaria Velenovský, Amanita franchetii (Boudier 1881) Fayod 1889 f. franchetii, Amanita franchetii f. lactella (Gilbert in Gilbert & Kühner 1928) Neville & Poumarat comb. nov., Amanita franchetii f. queletii (Bon & Dennis1984) Neville & Poumarat comb. nov., Amanita gemmata (Fries 1838) Bertillon, Amanita gilberti f. gracilis Parrot, Amanita gilberti var. cylindracea Malvesin-Fabre, Amanita gilbertii [var. subverna] f. oblongospora Neville & Poumarat f. nov., Amanita gilbertii Beauseigneur 1925 var. gilbertii, Amanita gilbertii f. verrucosa Parrot, Amanita gilbertii var. subverna Bertault & Parrot 1964 ex Neville & Poumarat var. nov. [f. subverna], Amanita gioiosa S. Curreli, Amanita gracilior Bas 1969 ex Bas & Honrubia, Amanita gracilior var. beilleioides Neville & Poumarat, Amanita heterochroma f. alba S. Curreli, Amanita heterochroma S. Curreli, Amanita inopinata Reid & Bas, Amanita junquillea Quélet, Amanita junquillea f. amici (Gillet 1891) Veselý, Amanita junquillea f. gracilis (Gilbert in Konrad & Maublanc) Veselý, Amanita junquillea f. vernalis (Roumeguère & Gillet) Veselý, Amanita junquillea var exannulata Lange, Amanita lactea Mlç. et al., Amanita lepiotoides Barla 1885 f. lepiotoides, Amanita lepiotoides f. subcylindrospora Neville & Poumarat f. nov., Amanita lusitanica Torrend, Amanita mairei Herbier, Amanita mappa (Batsch: Fries) Bertillon, Amanita muscaria (Linné 1753: Fries 1821) Lamarck, Amanita muscaria [var muscaria] f. vaginata (Velenovský 1920) Neville & Poumarat, Amanita muscaria [var. formosa] f. europaea Neville & Poumarat, Amanita muscaria [var. formosa] f. formosa (Persoon 1800) Veselý, Amanita muscaria [var. formosa] f. gussowii (Veselý) Neville & Poumarat 2001, Amanita muscaria [var. muscaria] f. flavivolvata (Singer 1958) Neville & Poumarat, Amanita muscaria [var. muscaria] f. puella (Batsch 1783) Gilbert, Amanita muscaria var. alba (Peck 1883) Peck, Amanita muscaria var. aureola (Kalchbrenner 1873) Quélet, Amanita muscaria var. fuligineoverrucosa Neville, Poumarat & Clément, Amanita muscaria var. inzengae Neville & Poumarat, Amanita nauseosa (Wakefield 1918) Reid, Amanita ovoidea (Bull. 1788: Fr. 1821) Link, Amanita ovoidea var. ammophila Beeli, Amanita pantherina (De Candolle 1815: Fries 1821) Krombholz, Amanita pantherina f. abietum (Gilbert in Konrad 1929) Neville & Poumarat comb nov., Amanita pantherina f. albida R. Schulz, Amanita pantherina f. decolorata Bon & Charbonnel, Amanita pantherina f. institata Cetto, Amanita pantherina f. stramineovelata Neville & Poumarat f. nov., Amanita pantherina f. violaceopallida Contu, Amanita pantherina f. xantha Contu, Amanita pantherina var. isabellomarginata Neville & Poumarat var. nov., Amanita phalloides (Fries: Fries 1821) Link 1833 var. phalloides, Amanita phalloides f. aculeata Voglino & Saccardo, Amanita phalloides f. atra Quélet & Bataille, Amanita phalloides f. bicolor Roumeguère, Amanita phalloides f. citrina (Schaeff.) Gilbert, Amanita phalloides f. fuscovolvata Neville, Poumarat & Bernardet f. nov. ad int., Amanita phalloides f. insidiosa (Letellier) Gilbert, Amanita phalloides f. lutea Bourdot ex Sartory & Maire, Amanita phalloides f. olivacea (Fries) Gilbert, Amanita phalloides f. quercus-ilicis Herter, Amanita phalloides f. umbrina Ferry, Amanita phalloides f. virescens (Vahl) Gilbert, Amanita phalloides f. viridis (Persoon) Gilbert, Amanita phalloides var. alba Costantin & Dufour, Amanita phalloides var. larroquei Massart & Beauvais ex Massart, Amanita phalloides var. pulla Killermann, Amanita ponderosa f. valens (Gilbert 1941) Neville & Poumarat comb. nov., Amanita ponderosa Malençon & Heim 1942 f. ponderosa, Amanita porphyria [porphyrea] f. volvata Ricken, Amanita porphyria Albertini & Schweiniz 1805: Fries 1821 f. porphyria, Amanita porphyria f. alba Parrot, Amanita porphyria f. annulocitrina Gilbert, Amanita porphyria f. recutita (Fries 1838) Veselý, Amanita porphyria f. viridis (Persoon) Killermann, Amanita porphyria var. fusca Gillet, Amanita porphyria var. purpurascens Gillet, Amanita porphyria var. recutita Fr. ss. Lange, Amanita porrinensis Freire & Castro 1987 ex Castro, Amanita proxima Dumée, Amanita pseudoregalis Pluvinage, Amanita pseudorubescens Herrfurth, Amanita regalis (Fr. 1821) Michael, Amanita regalis f. umbrina (Fries) Neville & Poumarat, Amanita rubens f. annulosulfurea subf. major Veselý, Amanita rubens Scopoli var. magnifica (Fries) Quélet, Amanita rubescens [var. rubescens] f. alba (Coker 1917) Sartory & L. Maire, Amanita rubescens [var. rubescens] f. alutacea (Gillet 1874) Neville & Poumarat comb nov., Amanita rubescens f. annulorosea Parrot, Amanita rubescens f. exannulata Parrot, Amanita rubescens f. magnifica (Fr.) Sartory & Maire, Amanita rubescens Persoon 1797: Fries 1821 [var. rubescens] f. rubescens, Amanita rubescens var. annulosulfurea Gillet, Amanita rubescens var. gracilis Gillot & Lucand, Amanita rubescens var. incarnata Gillet, Amanita rubescens var. radicata (Voglino) Contu & M. Bon, Amanita rubescens var. verrucosa (Bulliard) Gillet, Amanita rubescens var circinnata Persoon, Amanita singeri Bas, Amanita solitaria (Bull. 1780: Fr. 1821) Mérat, Amanita spreta (Peck) Saccardo, Amanita spreta var. cinerea (Bresadola) Gilbert, Amanita spreta var. parva Beardslee, Amanita strobiliformis (Paulet 1808-1835 ex Vittadini 1832) Bertillon, Amanita strobiliformis subf. pellita (Paulet ex Bertillon) Neville & Poumarat, Amanita subcaligata (A. H. Smith & Rea) A. H. Smith ex Tulloss, Amanita tomentella Krombholz, Amanita verna (Bulliard: Fries) Lamarck, Amanita verna var. decipiens Trimbach, Amanita verna var. tarda Trimbach, Amanita virescens Persoon, Amanita virosa (Fries 1838) Bertillon, Amanita virosa var. levipes Neville & Poumarat var. nov., Amanita vittadinii (Moretti 1826) Vittadini, Amanita vittadinii var. codinae (Maire 1933) Veselý, Armillaria irreperta Bernard, Armillaria scruposa (Fries) Gillet, Hypophyllum nitido-guttatum Paulet, Limacella arida (Fries 1838) Konrad & Maublanc, Limacella delicata (Fries 1821) Konrad & Maublanc, Limacella furnacea (Letellier 1829) Gilbert, Limacella furnacea f. albidoochrascens Neville & Poumarat f. nov., Limacella glioderma (Fries 1851) R. Maire, Limacella glioderma f. aureoaurantiaca Neville & Poumarat f. int., Limacella glioderma f. brunnea (Killermann 1931) Neville & Poumarat comb. nov., Limacella glischra (Morgan) Murrill, Limacella grisea Singer, Limacella guttata (Persoon in Hoffmann 1793; Fries 1821) Konrad & Maublanc, Limacella illinita (Fries 1818: Fries 1821) Murrill, Limacella illinita f. ochracea (Fries1874 ex Gilbert 1918) Konrad & Maublanc, Limacella illinita var. ochraceolutea (Orton 1969) Neville & Poumarat comb. nov., Limacella ochraceorosea (Béguet & Bon in Bon 1975) Neville & Poumarat comb. nov., Limacella illinita var. rubescens H. V. Smith, Limacella lenticularis (Lasch: Fries) R. Maire, Limacella lenticularis var. egutatta R. Maire in Konrad & Maublanc, Limacella lenticularis var. vapidus (Fries 1836) Konrad & Maublanc, Limacella medullata (Fries 1836) Orton, Limacella megalopoda (Bresadola 1881) R. Maire, Limacella persoonii (Fries 1818; Fries 1821) Konrad & Maublanc, Limacella roseofloccosa Hora, Limacella roseola Murrill, Limacella steppicola Zerova & Wasser, Limacella subfurnacea Contu, Limacella vinosorubescens Furrer-Ziogas, Squamanita cettoiana Moser, Torrendia pulchella Bresadola.


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