Fungi Europaei 7


Lactarius Pers.


Author: M. T. Basso (1999)

Series title: Fungi EuropaeiPublisher: Mykoflora – Copyright information: Massimo Candusso – Edition number: 1- Language: Italian (key: English, Italian) – Number of pages: 845 – Number of illustrations: 141 b/w illustrations, 121 photocolor, 62 colored plates. ISBN: 8887740003.

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In the present work 112 specie, 6 varieties and 2 forms belonging to the genus Lactarius, collected in Europe, are described with micrographs, photographs and water-colour plates. Other extra_europeans varieties and forms, relative to the species treated in this work, with original descriptions, are presented. Also 25 unpublished colour-plates, concerning 26 species of the genus Lactarius, painted under the supervision of E.M. Fries and preserved in the Swedish Museum of Natural History of Stockholm, are published.


Lactarius acerrimus Britzelmayr, Lactarius acris (Bolton: Fries) S.F. Gray, Lactarius akahatsu Tanaka, Lactarius albocarneus Britzelmayr, Lactarius albocarneus var. glutinovirens (J. Blum) M. Bon, Lactarius alpinus Peck, Lactarius alpinus var. mitis Hesler & A.H. Smith, Lactarius aquizonatus Kytövuori, Lactarius aspideus (Fries: Fries) Fries, Lactarius atlanticus M. Bon, Lactarius aurantiacus (Persoon: Fries) S. F. Gray, Lactarius auriolla Kytövuori, Lactarius azonites (Buillard) Fries fo. azonites, Lactarius azonites fo. virgineus (Lange) Verbeken, Lactarius badiosanguineus Kühner & Romagnesi, Lactarius bertillonii (Neuhoff ex Z. Schaefer) M. Bon, Lactarius blennius (Fries: Fries) Fries, Lactarius blennius fo. albidopallens J. E. Lange, Lactarius britannicus fo pseudofulvissimus (Bon) Basso comb. et stat. nov., Lactarius britannicus Reid fo. britannicus, Lactarius brunneohepaticus Moser, Lactarius camphoratus (Builliard: Fries) Fries, Lactarius castanopus Sarnari, Lactarius chrysorheus fo. A Coker, Lactarius chrysorrheus Fries, Lactarius circellatus Fries, Lactarius cistophilus M. Bon & Trimbach, Lactarius citriolens Pouzar, Lactarius clethrophilus Romagnesi H., Lactarius constans (J. E. Lange) Romagn., Lactarius controversus Persoon: Fries, Lactarius cookei Z. Schaefer, Lactarius cremor Fries, Lactarius cupricolor Z. Schaefer, Lactarius cyanopus Basso, Lactarius cyathuliformis M. Bon, Lactarius decipiens Quélet, Lactarius deliciosus (Linnaeus ex Fries) S. F. Gray, Lactarius deliciosus var. areolatus Hesler & A. H. Smith, Lactarius deliciosus var. atrovirens Blum, Lactarius deliciosus var. olivaceosordidus Hesler & A. H. Smith, Lactarius deliciosus var. rubescens Schmitt, Lactarius deterrimus Gröger, Lactarius dryadophilus Kühner, Lactarius dryadophilus var. saliceticola M. Bon & Jamoni, Lactarius echinosporus Z. Schaefer, Lactarius evosmus Kühner & Romagnesi, Lactarius fascinans (Fries: Fries) Fries, Lactarius fennoscandicus Verbeken & Vesterholt, Lactarius firmus Pacioni & Lalli, Lactarius flavidus Boudier, Lactarius flexuosus (Persoon: Fries) S. F. Gray var. flexuosus, Lactarius flexuosus var. roseozonatus H. Post, Lactarius fluens Boudier, Lactarius fraxineus Romagnesi, Lactarius fuliginosus (Fries: Fries) Fries, Lactarius fulvissimus Romagnesi, Lactarius glaucescens Crossland, Lactarius glyciosmus (Fr.: Fr.) Fr., Lactarius haemorrheus Lowe, Lactarius helvus (Fr.: Fr.) Fr., Lactarius helvus var. albidus M. Bon & Hausknecht, Lactarius hepaticus Plowright, Lactarius hradecensis Z. Schaefer, Lactarius hysginoides Korhonen & Ulvinen, Lactarius hysginus (Fries: Fries) Fries, Lactarius hysginus var. americanus Hesler & A. H. Smith, Lactarius hysginus var. subroseus Hesler & A. H. Smith, Lactarius ilicis Sarnari, Lactarius illyricus Piltaver, Lactarius indigo (Schweiniz) Fries, Lactarius intermedius (Krombh.) Berkeley & Broome, Lactarius lacunarum Hora, Lactarius lanceolatus O.K. Miller & Laursen, Lactarius lapponicus Harmaja, Lactarius leonis Kytövuori, Lactarius lepidotus Smith & Hesler, Lactarius lignyotus Fries, Lactarius lignyotus var. canadensis A.H. Smith & Hesler, Lactarius lignyotus var. marginatus Hesler & A.H. Smith, Lactarius lignyotus var. nigroviolascens Hesler & A.H. Smith, Lactarius lilacinus (Lasch: Fries) Fries, Lactarius luridus (Persoon: Fries) S. F. Gray, Lactarius luteolus Peck, Lactarius luteolus var. brunneoviolascens M. Bon, Lactarius mairei fo. zonatus (Pearson) Reid, Lactarius mairei Malençon, Lactarius mairei var. ilicis Lalli & Pacioni, Lactarius mammosus Fries, Lactarius mediterraneensis fo. citrina Llistosella & Bellù, Lactarius mediterraneensis Llistosella & Bellù, Lactarius mitissimus (Fries: Fries) Fries, Lactarius moravicus Z. Schaefer, Lactarius moseri Harmaja, Lactarius musteus Fries, Lactarius nanus Favre, Lactarius necator (BulLactarius: Fr.) Karst, Lactarius necator fo. ochroleucoides M. Bon ad int., Lactarius obscuratus (Lasch) Fries var. obscuratus, Lactarius obscuratus var. radiatus (Lange) Romagnesi, Lactarius obscuratus var. subalpinus Basso var. nov., i Idzerda & Noordeloos, Lactarius olivinus Kytövuori, Lactarius omphaliformis Romagnesi, Lactarius pallidus Persoon: Fries, Lactarius pallidus var. compactus (Blytt) M. Bon, Lactarius picinus Fries, Lactarius pilatii Z. Schaefer, Lactarius pinastri Romagnesi, Lactarius piperatus (Linnaeus: Fries) Persoon, Lactarius plumbeus (BulLactarius: Fr.) S.F. Gray, Lactarius porninsis Rolland, Lactarius pseudouvidus Kühner, Lactarius pterosporus Romagnesi, Lactarius pubescens (Schrad) Fries, Lactarius pusillus Bres., Lactarius pyrogalus (Bulliard: Fries) Fries, Lactarius pyrogalus var. polyzonus (Velen.) Z. Schaef., Lactarius pyrogalus var. umbrosus Z. Schaef., Lactarius quieticolor H. Romagnesi var. quieticolor, Lactarius quieticolor var. hemicyaneus (Romagn.) Basso comb. et stat. nov., Lactarius quieticolor var. semisanguinascens M. Bon, Lactarius quietus (Fries: Fries) Fries, Lactarius quietus var. incanus Hesler & A.H. Smith, Lactarius radiatus J.E. Lange, Lactarius repraesentaneus Britzelmayr, Lactarius resimus (Fr.: Fr.) Fr., Lactarius resimus var. regalis (Peck) Peck, Lactarius robertianus M. Bon, Lactarius romagnesii M. Bon, Lactarius rubrocintus Fries, Lactarius rufus (Scopoli: Fries) Fries, Lactarius rugatus Kühner & Romagnesi, Lactarius ruginosus Romagnesi, Lactarius salicis-herbaceae Kühner, Lactarius salicis-herbaceae var. immutabilis Kühner, Lactarius salicis-reticulatae Kühner, Lactarius salmonicolor Heim & Leclair, Lactarius sanguifluus (Paulet) Fries var. sanguifluus, Lactarius sanguifluus var. violaceus (Barla) Basso comb. nov., Lactarius sanguifluus var. yvreus Martin, Lactarius sanguineo-virescens Fillion, Lactarius scoticus Berkeley & Broome, Lactarius scrobiculatus (Scopoli: Fries) Fries, Lactarius scrobiculatus var. canadensis Hesler & A.H. Smith, Lactarius scrobiculatus var. montanus Methven, Lactarius scrobiculatus var. pubescens Hesler & A.H. Smith, Lactarius semisanguifluus Heim & Leclair, Lactarius serifluus (De Candolle: Fries) Fries, Lactarius sphagneti (Fries) Neuhoff, Lactarius spinosulus Quélet, Lactarius subcircellatus Kühner, Lactarius subdulcis (Persoon: Fries) S.F. Gray, Lactarius subruginosus Blum ex M. Bon, Lactarius subsericatus (Kühner & Romagn.) ex M. Bon, Lactarius subumbonatus Lindgren, Lactarius syringinus Z. Schaefer, Lactarius tabidus Fries, Lactarius terenopus Romagnesi, Lactarius tesquorum Malençon, Lactarius tesquorum var. splendidus Lalli & Pacioni, Lactarius theiogalus (BulLactarius:Fr.) S.F. Gray, Lactarius torminosulus Knudsen & Borgen, Lactarius torminosus (Schaeffer: Fries) Persoon, Lactarius torminosus var. nordmanensis Hesler & A.H. Smith, Lactarius trivialis (Fries: Fries) Fries, Lactarius tuomikoskii Kytövuori, Lactarius turpis (Weinmamm) Fries, Lactarius turpis var. plumbeus (BulLactarius: Fr.) Cooke, Lactarius utilis (Weinmann) Fries, Lactarius uvidus (Fries: Fries) Fries, Lactarius uvidus fo. alpigenes M. Bon e Jamoni, Lactarius uvidus var. acystidiosus Hesler & A. H. Smith, Lactarius uvidus var. montanus Hesler & A. H. Smith, Lactarius vellereus (Fries: Fries) Fries var. vellereus, Lactarius vellereus var. hometii (Gillet) Boudier, Lactarius vellereus var. virescens Hesler & A.H. Smith, Lactarius vietus (Fries: Fries) Fries, Lactarius violascens (J. Otto: Fries) Fries, Lactarius volemus (Fries: Fries) Fries, Lactarius volemus var. flavus Hesler & A.H. Smith, Lactarius zonarioides Kühner & Romagnesi, Lactarius zonarius (Buillard) Fries, Lactarius zonarius var. riparius Hesler & A. H. Smith.


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