Fungi Europaei 11


Conocybe Fayod-Pholiotina Fayod


Author: A. Hausknecht (2009)

Series title: Fungi EuropaeiPublisher: Edizioni Candusso – Copyright information: Massimo Candusso – Edition number: 1- Language: Italian, English and German – Number of pages: 968- Number of illustrations: 150 b/w illustrations, 403 photocolor, 46 colored plates. ISBN: 889010578X.

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In this monograph, the author describes and illustrates all the species ascribed to the genera Conocybe and Pholiotina known from Europe to date. The descriptions are complemented with maps of their distribution on the European continent and with the micrographs of each and every species drawn by the author himself. The systematic and taxonomic treatment presented in this work is not conflictive with the new evidence from recent molecular studies. The numerous photographs illustrating the volume were made available by virtue of the helpful collaboration of many mycologists from all over the world, while G. Kovac’s colour plates were skillfully painted under the direction of the author. In addition, all the doubtful or little-known species of the two genera presented are discussed and in case excluded.


Conocybe albipes (G. H. Otth) Hauskn. var. albipes, Conocybe albipes (G. H. Otth) Hauskn. var. rugata Hauskn., Conocybe alboradicans Arnolds, Conocybe ambigua Watling, Conocybe anthracophila Kühner & Watling var. anthracophila, Conocybe anthracophila Kühner & Watling var. ovispora Hauskn., Conocybe antipus (Lasch: Fr.) Fayod, Conocybe apala (Fr.: Fr.) Arnolds, Conocybe aurea (Jul. Schäff.) Hongo, Conocybe bispora (Singer) Hauskn., Conocybe brachypodii (Velen.) Hauskn. & Svrček, Conocybe brunneidisca (Murrill) Hauskn., Conocybe caeruleobasis Tkalčec, Mešić & Hauskn., Conocybe caespitosa (Murrill) Watling, Conocybe cettoiana Hauskn. & Enderle, Conocybe crispella (Murrill) Singer, Conocybe cylindracea Kühner & Watling, Conocybe daamsii Hauskn., Conocybe deliquescens Hauskn. & Krisai, Conocybe dumetorum (Velen.) Svrček var. dumetorum, Conocybe dumetorum (Velen.) Svrček var. laricina (Kühner) Hauskn., Conocybe dumetorum (Velen.) Svrček var. phaeoleiospora Hauskn., Conocybe dunensis T. J. Wallace, Conocybe echinata (Velen.) Singer, Conocybe enderlei Hauskn. var. enderlei, Conocybe enderlei Hauskn. var. variispora Hauskn., Conocybe farinacea Watling, Conocybe fimetaria Watling, Conocybe fiorii (D. Sacc.) Watling, Conocybe fuscimarginata (Murrill) Singer, Conocybe gigasperma Enderle & Hauskn., Conocybe gracilis Hauskn., Conocybe graminis Hauskn., Conocybe haglundii Hauskn., Conocybe halophila Singer, Conocybe herbarum Hauskn., Conocybe hexagonospora Hauskn. & Enderle, Conocybe hololeuca (Hauskn.) E. Ludw., Conocybe hornana Singer & Hauskn. var. hornana, Conocybe hornana Singer & Hauskn. var. subcylindrospora Hauskn., Vauras, Kytöv. & Ohenoja, Conocybe incarnata (Jul. Schäff.) Hauskn. & Arnolds, Conocybe ingridiae Hauskn., Conocybe inocybeoides Watling, Conocybe inopinata Hauskn. & Contu, Conocybe intrusa (Peck) Singer, Conocybe juniana (Velen.) Hauskn. & Svrček var. juniana, Conocybe juniana (Velen.) Hauskn. & Svrček var. sordescens (P. D. Orton) Hauskn., Conocybe juniana (Velen.) Hauskn. & Svrček var. subsejuncta Hauskn., Conocybe karinae Gubitz & Hauskn, Conocybe leporina (Velen.) Singer, Conocybe lobauensis Singer & Hauskn., Conocybe macrocephala Kühner & Watling, Conocybe macrospora (G. F. Atk.) Hauskn., Conocybe magnispora (Murrill) Singer, Conocybe merdaria Arnolds & Hauskn., Conocybe mesospora Kühner & Watling, Conocybe mexicana (Murrill) Watling, Conocybe microrrhiza Hauskn. var. microrrhiza, Conocybe microrrhiza Hauskn. var. parvispora (Hauskn.) Hauskn., Conocybe microrrhiza Hauskn. var. tetraspora (Singer & Hauskn.) Hauskn., Conocybe microspora (Velen.) Dennis var. brunneola (Kühner & Watling) Singer & Hauskn., Conocybe microspora (Velen.) Dennis var. microspora, Conocybe minima Singer & Hauskn., Conocybe monicae Hauskn., Conocybe moseri Watling var. bisporigera Hauskn. & Krisai, Conocybe moseri Watling var. moseri, Conocybe moseri Watling var. robustior Hauskn. & H.-J. Hübner, Conocybe murinacea Watling, Conocybe naviculospora Hauskn., Conocybe nigrescens Hauskn. & Gubitz , Conocybe nigrodisca Hauskn. & Krisai, Conocybe ochroalbida Hauskn., Conocybe ochrostriata Hauskn. var. favrei Hauskn., Conocybe ochrostriata Hauskn. var. ochrostriata, Conocybe pallidospora Kühner & Watling, Conocybe papillata Hauskn. & L. Nagy, Conocybe pilosella (Pers.: Fr.) Kühner var. brunneonigra Hauskn. & Krisai, Conocybe pilosella (Pers.: Fr.) Kühner var. pilosella, Conocybe pinetorum Watling, Esteve-Raventós& G. Moreno, Conocybe pragensis Hauskn., Conocybe pseudocrispa (Hauskn.) Arnolds, Conocybe pubescens (Gillet) Kühner, Conocybe pulchella (Velen.) Hauskn. & Svrček, Conocybe pulchra (Clem.) Hauskn., Krisai & Voglmayr, Conocybe rhizophora Hauskn., Conocybe rickeniana P. D. Orton, Conocybe rickenii (Jul. Schäff.) Kühner, Conocybe roberti Singer & Hauskn., Conocybe romagnesii Hauskn. & G. Moreno, Conocybe roseipes Hauskn., Conocybe rostellata (Velen.) Hauskn. & Svrček, Conocybe sabulicola Hauskn. & Enderle, Conocybe semiglobata Kühner & Watling var. campanulata Hauskn., Conocybe semiglobata Kühner & Watling var. semiglobata, Conocybe sienophylla (Berk. & Broome) Singer, Conocybe siliginea (Fr.: Fr.) Kühner, Conocybe singeriana Hauskn., Conocybe spiculoides Kühner & Watling, Conocybe striatipes (Speg.) Singer , Conocybe subalpina (Singer) Singer & Hauskn., Conocybe subleiospora Hauskn., Conocybe subovalis Kühner & Watling, Conocybe subpallida Enderle, Conocybe subpubescens P. D. Orton, Conocybe subxerophytica Singer & Hauskn. var. brunnea Hauskn., Conocybe subxerophytica Singer & Hauskn. var. subxerophytica, Conocybe tenera (Schaeff.: Fr.) Fayod, Conocybe tetrasporoides Hauskn., Conocybe thermophila Hauskn., Mešić & Tkalčec, Conocybe tuxlaensis Singer, Conocybe umbellula (Mont.) Singer var. lednicensis Hauskn., Conocybe umbonata (Massee) Watling, Conocybe velutinomarginata Hauskn. & Zugna, Conocybe velutipes (Velen.) Hauskn. & Svrček var. nitrophila Hauskn., Conocybe velutipes (Velen.) Hauskn. & Svrček var. velutipes, Conocybe viridibrunnescens E. Ludw., Conocybe watlingii Hauskn., Conocybe zeylanica (Petch) Boedijn var. zeylanica, Conocybe zuccherellii Hauskn., Pholiotina aeruginosa (Romagn.) M. M. Moser 1978 var. aeruginosa, Pholiotina aeruginosa (Romagn.) M. M. Moser var. caeruleopallida, Pholiotina alba (Enderle) Hauskn. & Enderle, Pholiotina aporos (Kitsvan Wav.) Clémençon var. aporos, Pholiotina aporos (Kitsvan Wav.) Clémençon var. moseriana Hauskn., var. nova, Pholiotina arnoldsii Hauskn., Pholiotina arrhenii (Fr.) Singer, Pholiotina atrocyanea Esteve-Rav., Hauskn. & Rejos, Pholiotina brunnea (Watling) Singer, Pholiotina coprophila (Kühner) Singer, Pholiotina cyanopus (G. F. Atk.) Singer, Pholiotina dasypus (Romagn.) P.-A. Moreau 2005, Pholiotina exannulata (Kühner & Watling) Courtec. 1985 var. exannulata, Pholiotina exannulata (Kühner & Watling) Courtec. var. maculata Hauskn., Pholiotina filipes (G. F. Atk.) Singer, Pholiotina hadrocystis (Kitsvan Wav.) Courtec., Pholiotina intermedia (A. H. Sm.) Singer, Pholiotina mairei (Watling) Enderle var. mairei, Pholiotina mairei (Watling) Enderle var. stercorea Tkalčec, Mešić & Hauskn. Ined, Pholiotina nemoralis (Harmaja) Bon 1991 var. nemoralis, Pholiotina nemoralis (Harmaja) Bon var. dentatomarginata (Watling) Hauskn., Pholiotina parvula (Døssing & Watling) Bon, Pholiotina pygmaeoaffinis (Fr.) Singer, Pholiotina rugosa (Peck) Singer, Pholiotina striipes (Cooke) Singer, Pholiotina sulcata Arnolds& Hauskn. 2003 var. sulcata, Pholiotina sulcata Arnolds& Hauskn. var. oreina Hauskn., Pholiotina teneroides (J. E. Lange) Singer, Pholiotina utricystidiata Enderle & Hübner, Pholiotina velata (Velen.) Hauskn., Pholiotina vestita (Fr.) Singer, Pholiotina vexans (P. D. Orton) Bon.


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