Ädelspindlingar – Guide till svenska naturvårdsartes



Authors: Nitare J., Knutsson T., Brandrud T. E., Jeppesen T.S. & Frøslev T. G. (2024)

Publisher: Sveriges Mykologiska Forening – Volume: 12 of Mykologiska Publikationer. Edition number: 1

Language: Swedish- Number of pages: 301. ISBN: 9789152791097

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Spiders (Cortinarius subgenus Phlegmacium) include some of our most beautiful and at the same time some of our most threatened mycorrhizal fungi associated with remnant biotopes in broadleaf forests and limestone coniferous forests. The book is a comprehensive guide to the Swedish conservation species with the hope of increasing interest in these important environmental indicators and contributing to the protection and conservation of their habitats. In the book, about 120 species are identified and described in detail. Beautiful and instructive photos are included for all the species presented.


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