Le guide des champignons de France et Europe – 4° ed.



Authors: Eyssartier G. & Roux P.  (2017)

Publisher: BelinEdition: 4  Language: French. – Number of pages: 1151. ISBN: 9782410010428.

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This field guide describes approximately 3000 species of mushrooms found in Europe, of which more than 1500 are illustrated by photographs, which is an absolute record among the mushrooms guides, even globally. Leafing through this guide, the reader will realize the incredible diversity of fungi. One will find such records for over 50 boletes and 160 species of Cortinarius mushrooms, almost 130 Russula and 40 Coprinus species, close to 50 Entoloma species, 40 inocybes, and 70 milk-caps. An introduction precedes the listings. The authors explain in a clear and educational way the main characters of a mushroom: anatomy, ecology, biology and classification are presented, as well as the crucial role of fungi in various ecosystems.

Several pages also describe the main types of symptoms of poisoning by mushrooms, and present the most toxic species, how to recognize them, and how to avoid confusing them with their prospective edible lookalikes.


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