I Generi Hohenbuhelia e Resupinatus in Europa



Authors: Consiglio G. e Setti L. (2018)

Publisher: A. M. B. Fondazione Centro Studi Micologici-  Edition number: 1 – Language: Italian and English.Number of pages: 448

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This monograph describes all 22 species of fungus genus Hohenbuehelia and all 12 species of Resupinatus found in Europe, giving both nomenclatural and taxonomical descriptions. One of the authors, Prof. Dr. Giovanni Consiglio, director of the mycological journal “Journal of Mycology” has kindly provided the following notes on the book. Each species profile contains the name of the taxon and its authors, after which are reported the basionym and, where existing, the nomenclatural and taxonomic synonyms. For each type (holotype, lectotype, epitype and neotype) all typification details are provided. The above is followed by the original diagnosis and its translation into Italian and, where necessary, also into English. After the “Etymology” of the specific epithet, there is the macro- and microscopic description of the taxon, generally, based on the study of several collections, where the measures of spores, basidia, cheilocystidia and hyphae represent the averages of the measures of all the collections, type included. For comparison, some relevant microscopic data from the literature are reported. Then there is the data, both personal and from the literature, relative to habitat, edaphic and ecological preferences, fruiting period and countries where the taxon has been recorded. This is followed by a list of the material studied, including place of collection, type of wood, substratum, date, legit, herbarium and herbarium number as well as the fundamental “Iconographic references”. Each profile continues with the “Notes”: the taxonomic ones in which are emphasized the macro- and microscopic characters crucial to a correct determination of the species dealt with and its separation from close allies, and, where appropriate, the nomenclatural ones, which recall the “history” of the taxon. The section “Molecular data” anticipates some of the conclusions resulting from the molecular analysis and reported in the final chapter of the book.


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