I Funghi Clavarioidi in Italia – vols. 1 e 2



Authors: Franchi P. & Marchetti M. (2021)

Volumes: 1 and 2. Publisher: A. M. B. Fondazione Centro Studi Micologici-  Edition number: 1 – Language: Italian (keys in English and Italian).Number of pages: 1362.

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I Funghi Clavarioidi in Italia (Clavarioid mushrooms in Italy) is a new pubblication, written in Italian but with keys also traslated into English (by E. Grilli). The work is in two volumes ( circa 1200 pages). Over 300 taxa are treated including 22 new ones. Nearly 200 species, varieties and other forms are described in detail with photographs illustrating specimens both in their natural habitat as well as microscopic details. Taxonomy and nomenclature are discussed in depth and numerous phylogenetic trees provided, based on sequences of the internal transcribed spacer (ITS) and large sub-unit (LSU) regions of ribosomal RNA (rRNA). 73 holotypes are reviewed, related to taxa of the Genus Alloclavaria, Artomyces, Clavaria, Clavariadelphus, Clavicorona, Clavulina, Clavulinopsis, Gomphus, Kavinia Lentaria, Macrotyphula, Mucronella, Multiclavula, Phaeoclavulina, Pterula, Ramaria (Subgenus Lentoramaria and Ramaria), Ramariopsis, Schildia, Typhula.


Alloclavaria purpurea, Artomyces pyxidatus, Artomyces pyxidatus f. luteovirescens, Clavaria amoenoides, Clavaria appendiculata, Clavaria apulica, Clavaria argillacea, Clavaria argillacea var. brevispora, Clavaria asterospora, Clavaria atrofusca, Clavaria atroumbrina, Clavaria calabrica, Clavaria californica, Clavaria falcata, Clavaria flavipes, Clavaria fragilis, Clavaria fumosa, Clavaria greletii, Clavaria incarnata, Clavaria messapica, Clavaria messapica f. alborosea, Clavaria pisana, Clavaria pseudoincarnata, Clavaria rosea, Clavaria salentina, Clavaria sphagnicola, Clavaria tenuipes, Clavaria tyrrhenica,Clavaria zollingeri, Clavariadelphus flavoimmaturus, Clavariadelphus ligula, Clavariadelphus pistillaris, Clavariadelphus truncatus, Clavicorona taxophila, Clavulina alpina,Clavulina cinerea, Clavulina coralloides, Clavulina coralloides f. bicolor, Clavulina coralloides f. coriobrunnescens, Clavulina coralloides f. griseorosata, Clavulina coralloides f. lutea, Clavulina coralloidesf. subrugosa, Clavulina etruriae, Clavulina reae, Clavulina reae f. subcristata, Clavulina reae f. sublilascens, Clavulina rugosa, Clavulina rugosa f. fuliginea, Clavulinopsis corniculata, Clavulinopsis corniculata f. bispora,Clavulinopsis corniculata f. brunneipes, Clavulinopsis corniculata f. simplex, Clavulinopsis dichotoma, Clavulinopsis fusiformis, Clavulinopsis helvola, Clavulinopsis helvola f. geoglossoides, Clavulinopsis laeticolor, Clavulinopsis luteoalba, Clavulinopsis trigonospora, Clavulinopsis umbrinella, Gomphus clavatus, Kavinia alboviridis, Lentaria albovinacea, Lentaria micheneri, Lentaria soluta,Macrotyphula contorta, Macrotyphula fistulosa, Macrotyphula juncea, Mucronella bresadolae, Mucronella calva, Mucronella flava, Multiclavula mucida, Multiclavula vernalis, Phaeoclavulina abietina, Phaeoclavulina alboapiculata, Phaeoclavulina arcosuensis, Phaeoclavulina carovinacea, Phaeoclavulina caroviridula, Phaeoclavulina clavarioides, Phaeoclavulina cokeri, Phaeoclavulina coniferarum, Phaeoclavulina curta, Phaeoclavulina decurrens, Phaeoclavulina eumorpha, Phaeoclavulina flaccida, Phaeoclavulina flaccida var. crispula, Phaeoclavulina flaccida var. fraceolens, Phaeoclavulina macrospora, Phaeoclavulina minutispora, Phaeoclavulina murrillii, Phaeoclavulina myceliosa, Phaeoclavulina nigricans, Phaeoclavulina ochracea, Phaeoclavulina quercus-ilicis, Phaeoclavulina subdecurrens, Phaeoclavulina vinaceipes, Pterula multifida, Ramaria albidoflava, Ramaria alborosea, Ramaria anisata, Ramaria apiculata, Ramaria apiculata var. brunnea, Ramaria atractospora, Ramaria aurea, Ramaria barenthalensis, Ramaria bataillei, Ramaria botrytis, Ramaria botrytis f. musicolor, Ramaria botrytis var. compactospora, Ramaria botrytis var. inquinata, Ramaria brunneicontusa, Ramaria brunneolilacina, Ramaria brunneomaculata, Ramaria cistophila, Ramaria comitis, Ramaria dolomitica, Ramaria edwinii, Ramaria eosanguinea, Ramaria fagetorum, Ramaria fennica, Ramaria fennica f. olivacea, Ramaria flava, Ramaria flavescens, Ramaria flavescens var. suaveolens, Ramaria flavicingula, Ramaria flavissima, Ramaria flavobrunnescens, Ramaria flavoides, Ramaria flavoides var. abetonensis, Ramaria flavosalmonicolor, Ramaria formosa, Ramaria formosa f. neoformosa, Ramaria fumigata, Ramaria gracilioides, Ramaria gracilis, Ramaria grandipes, Ramaria ichnusensis, Ramaria ignicolor, Ramaria lacteobrunnescens, Ramaria luteoaurantiaca, Ramaria luteoaurantiaca f. citrina, Ramaria magnifica, Ramaria magnifica var. sardiniensis, Ramaria magnipes, Ramaria mediterranea, Ramaria ossolana, Ramaria pallida, Ramaria pallida f. lactea, Ramaria pallidosaponaria, Ramaria parabotrytis, Ramaria paraconcolor, Ramaria praecox, Ramaria praecox var. luteovernalis, Ramaria primulina, Ramaria pseudoflava, Ramaria pumila, Ramaria rielii, Ramaria roseola, Ramaria rubella, Ramaria rufescens, Ramaria sanguinea, Ramaria schildii Ramaria schildii f. griseoavellanea, Ramaria sesiana, Ramaria spinulosa, Ramaria stricta, Ramaria stricta f. sambucina, Ramaria stricta f. violaceotincta, Ramaria subbotrytis, Ramaria subbotrytis f. flavipes, Ramaria suecica, Ramaria terrea, Ramaria testaceoflava, Ramaria thalliovirescens, Ramaria varians, Ramaria violacea, Ramaria vittadinii, Ramariopsis avellaneo-inversa, Ramariopsis crocea, Ramariopsis gilibertoi, Ramariopsis hirtipes, Ramariopsis kunzei, Ramariopsis kunzei var. bispora, Ramariopsis luteo-ochracea, Ramariopsis minutula, Ramariopsis pulchella, Ramariopsis subarctica, Ramariopsis subtilis, Ramariopsis tenuicula, Schildia sancti-luxurii, Typhula erythropus, Typhula incarnata, Typhula ishikariensis, Typhula micans, Typhula phacorrhiza, Typhula quisquiliaris, Typhula sclerotioides, Typhula setipes, Typhula uncialis.


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