Fungi non delineati 31


Rare or noteworthy Helotiales


Author: A. Raitvir (2006)

Series title: Fungi non DelineatiPublisher: Edizioni Candusso – Copyright information: Massimo Candusso – Edition number: 1 – Language: English – Number of pages: 57 – Number of illustrations: 17 b/w illustrations, 24 illustrations in colour.

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Seventeen species of Helotiales belonging to four family, Dermateaceae, Helotiaceae, Hyaloscyphaceae and Lachnaceae are described. Each taxon is illustrated by one or more colour photographs and black-and-white line drawings of microscopic details. A new genus of the Dermateaceae, Lasiomollisia Raivt. & Vesterh. is described with a new species Lasiomollisia phalaridis Raitv. & Vesterh. Trichopeziza iberica (Lachnaceae) is another new species described. Two new combinations, Incrucipulum densiseptatum (Raitv. & R. Galán) Raitv. and Incrucipulum saccardoi (Raitv. & Sacconi) Raitv., are proposed. Another species described are Belonopsis renticola, Calloria neglecta, Dennisiodiscus prasinus, Microspeziza poae, Bisporella scolochloae, Amicodisca srvcekii, Amicodisca virella, Cistella albidolutea, Cistella lagenipila, Hyalopeziza corticicola, Phaeoscypha cladii, Incrucipulum sulphurellum, Trichopeziza litoralis and Trichopeziza subsulphurea.


Amicodisca svrcekii Raitv. & Huhtinen, Amicodisca virella (P. Karst.) Huhtinen, Belonopsis retincola (Rabenh.) Le Gal & F. Mangenot, Bisporella scolochloae (De Not.) Spooner, Calloria neglecta (Lib.) B. Hein, Cistella albidolutea (Feltgen) Baral, Cistella lagenipila Spooner, Dennisiodiscus prasinus (Quél.) Svrček, Hyalopeziza corticicola (Dennis) Raitv., Incrucipulum densiseptatum (Raitv. & R. Galán) Raitv. [comb. nov.], Incrucipulum saccardoi (Raitv. & Sacconi) Raitv., Incrucipulum sulphurellum (Peck) Baral, Lasiomollisia phalaridis Raitv. & Vesterh. [gen. et sp. nov.], Micropeziza poae Fuckel, Phaeoscypha cladii (Nag Raj & W.B. Kendr.) Spooner,  Trichopeziza iberica Raitv. [sp. nov.], Trichopeziza litoralis (Raitv.) Raitv., Trichopeziza subsulphurea (Svrček) Baral.


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