Fungi non delineati 19


A study on nivicolous Myxomycetes. The genus Lamproderma I


Authors: G. Moreno, A. Sánchez, H. Singer, C. Illana & A. Castillo (2002)

Series title: Fungi non DelineatiPublisher: Edizioni Candusso  – Copyright information: Massimo Candusso – Edition number: 1 – Language: English and Spanish – Number of pages: 66 – Number of illustrations: 26 b/w illustrations, 19 illustrations in colour.

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14 nivicolous taxa of the genus Lamproderma collected around melting snow banks in montane areas are presented: Lamproderma acanthosporum, L. atrosporum var. atrosporum, L. atrosporum var. echinulatumL. atrosporum var. macrosporumL. cacographicum, L. cribrarioides, L. cristatum, L. cucumer, L. echinosporum, L. fuscatum, L. maculatum var. maculatum, L. maculatum var. macrosporum, L. ovoideum and L. pulchellum. Type material of Meylan and Meywe was studied. Detailed descriptions accompanied by photographs of sporocarps and capillitia as seen with the light microscope, and SEM micrographs of spores and spore ornamentations are given. Lamproderma atrosporum var. echinatum is synonymized with L. atrosporum var. atrosporumL. maculatum var. macrosporum with L. maculatum var. maculatum, L. cucumer with L. ovoideum. The new variety L. atrosporum var. pseudocribrarioides is proposed.


Lamproderma acanthosporum Kowalski, Lamproderma atrosporum Meyl., Lamproderma atrosporum var. echinulatum Meyl., Lamproderma atrosporum var. macrosporum Meyl., Lamproderma atrosporum var. pseudocribrarioides Mar. Mey., G. Moreno, A. Sánchez, H. Singer & Illana [var. nov.], Lamproderma cacographicum Bozonnet, Mar. Mey. & Poulain, Lamproderma cribrarioides (Fr.) R.E. Fr., Lamproderma cristatum Meyl., Lamproderma cucumer (Meyl.) Nowotny & H. Neubert, Lamproderma echinosporum Meyl., Lamproderma fuscatum Meyl., Lamproderma maculatum Kowalski, Lamproderma maculatum var. macrosporum Mar. Mey. & Poulain, Lamproderma ovoideum Meyl., Lamproderma pulchellum Meyl.


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