Fungi Europaei 8


Xerocomus s.l.


Authors: H. Ladurner & G. Simonini (2003)

Series title: Fungi EuropaeiPublisher: Edizioni Candusso – Copyright information: Massimo Candusso – Edition number: 1- Language: Italian (key: English, Italian) – Number of pages: 527 – Number of illustrations: 343 b/w illustrations, 290 photocolours, 21 colored plates. ISBN: 8890105720

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The taxa belonging to European Xerocomoideae are described, illustrated and discussed. To this purpose, the microanatomical features of 24 European taxa have been exhaustively analysed and illustrated by micrographs. The taxonomical conclusions are summarised in a key; the taxa keyed out are: X. parasiticus, X. ichnusanus, X. roseoalbidus, X. badius, X. moravicus, X. pelletieri, X. subtomentosus, X. ferrugineus, X. persicolor, X. armeniacus var. venosipes, X. armeniacus f. luteolus, X. armeniacus, X. porosporus, X. fennicus, X. rubellus, X. dryophilus, X. ripariellus, X. pruinatus; X. cisalpinus, X. chrysenteron, X. erubescens, and X. bubalinus. Also included are X. depilatus and X. impolitus, that, based on molecular data, recently have been transferred from Boletus to Xerocomus.


Boletus fraternus Peck, Xerocomus armeniacus (Quél.) Quél., Xerocomus armeniacus f. luteolus Engel & Antonín, Xerocomus armeniacus var. venosipes Redeuilh, Xerocomus badius (Fr.:Fr.) Gilbert, Xerocomus bubalinus (Oolbekkink & Duin) Redeuilh, Xerocomus chrysentheron (Bull.) Quél., Xerocomus cisalpinus Simonini, Ladurner & Peintner, Xerocomus depilatus (Reduilh)Binfer & Besl, Xerocomus dryophilus (Thiers) Singer, Xerocomus erubescens Cadiñanos & Muñoz, Xerocomus fennicus (Harmaja) Ladurner, Simonini & Peintner, Xerocomus ferrugineus (Schaeff.) Bon, Xerocomus ichnusanus Alessio, Falli & Littini, Xerocomus impolitus (Fr.) Quél., Xerocomus intermedius (Smith & Thiers) Hienemann & Rammeloo, Xerocomus moravicus (Vacek) Herink, Xerocomus parasiticus (Bull.:Fr.) Quél., Xerocomus pelletieri (Lév.) Binder, Xerocomus persicolor Engel, Klofac &b Grünert, Xerocomus porosporus Imler, Xerocomus pruinatus (Fr.) Quél., Xerocomus pruinatus (Fr.) Quél., Xerocomus ripariellus Redeuilh, Xerocomus roseoalbidus Alessio & Littini, Xerocomus rubellus Quél., Xerocomus subtomentosus (L.:Fr.) Quél., Xerocomus truncatus Singer, Snell & Dick, Xerocomus zelleri (Murrill) Snell.


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