Fungi Europaei 1A


Agaricus L., Allopsalliota Nauta & Bas (Part II)


Author: L.A. Parra Sanchez (2013)

Series title: Fungi EuropaeiPublisher: Edizioni Candusso – Copyright information: Massimo Candusso – Edition number: 1- Language: Spanish (keys: English, Italian) – Number of pages: 1168 – Number of illustrations: 119 b/w illustrations, 616 illustrations in colour, 67 plates. ISBN: 9788890531026.

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Since I already presented an introduction to this monograph of the genus Agaricus in the first volume, in the second one I will speak to the readers about my experience with the use of molecular techniques. In fact, if anything has changed and influenced significantly my view of the taxonomy of the genus Agaricus, it has been the use of molecular characters as a supplementary, and in many cases decisive tool, along with morphological, chorological, phenological, ecological, chemical, cultural conditions, etc., for the correct identification and comparison of the different collections.

Sección / Section Xanthodermatei; Sección / Section Arvenses; Sección / Section MinoresSubgénero / Subgenus Lanagaricus, Sección / Section LanosiTaxones de posición taxonómica incierta / Taxa of uncertain taxonomic position. Género / Genus Allopsalliota. Taxones eliminados del catalogo europeo / List of the taxa excluded from the European catalogue. Nombres ambiguos, confusos, dudosos y excluídos / Ambiguous, confused, doubtful and excluded names. Nombres publicados inválidamente o mal aplicados / Invalidly published or misapplied names. Iconografía / Iconography: Photografías / Photographs, Láminas / Plates; Bibliografía /References; Apéndice I – IV; Addenda al volumen I / Addenda to volume I; Índice / Index.


Agaricus abruptibulbus Peck, Agaricus alboargillascens (A. Pearson) Bon, Agaricus amethystinus (Quél.) Sacc., Agaricus anulatus Lightf., Agaricus aridicola Geml, Geiser & Royse ex Mateos, J. Morales, J. Muñoz, Rey & Tovar, LA Parra, Esteve-Rav. & Heykoop, Agaricus arrillagarum LA Parra, S. Serrano & Geml, Agaricus arvensis Schaeff., Agaricus augustus Fr., Agaricus biannulatus A. Mua, LA Parra, Cappelli & Callac, Agaricus bohemicus (Beneš) Hlaváček, Agaricus bohusianus LA Parra, Agaricus brunneolus (JE Lange) Pilát, Agaricus bulbosus Schaeff., Agaricus caldarius Wettst., Agaricus callacii LA Parra, Iglesias, Fern. Vicente e Oyarzabal, sp. nov., Agaricus campestris var. cortinatus Schulzer, Agaricus campestris var. insignis Scalia, Agaricus campestris var. pometorum Schulzer, Agaricus campestris var. praticola Fr., Agaricus capensis Fraiture, Agaricus cepaeoides Ces., Agaricus comtulus Fr., Agaricus cretaceus Bull., Agaricus crocodilinus Murrill, Agaricus cryptarum Letell., Agaricus dulcidulus Schulzer in Schulzer & Kalchbr., Agaricus edmondoi LA Parra, Cappelli & Callac, sp. nov., Agaricus elvensis Berk. & Broome, Agaricus endoxanthus Berk. & Broome, J. Linn. , Agaricus essettei Bon, Agaricus exsertus Viv., Agaricus fissuratus (FH Møller) FH Møller, Agaricus flavidulus Schulzer, Agaricus freirei Blanco-Dios, Agaricus friesianus LA Parra, Olariaga & Callac, sp. nov., Agaricus fulvodenticulatus Lasch, Agaricus gemellatus Kerrigan, Agaricus gemlii LA Parra, P. Arrill., M.Á. Ribes e Callac, sp. nov. , Agaricus geniculatus V. Brig. in V. Brig. & F. Brig., Agaricus gibberosus Fr., Agaricusgreuteri LA Parra, Cappelli & Kerrigan, sp. nov., Agaricus haematosarcus Heinem., Agaricus heinemannianus Esteve-Rav., Agaricus heterocystis Heinem. & Gooss.-Font., Agaricus hondensis Murrill, Agaricus huijsmanii Courtec., Agaricus iesu-et-marthae LA Parra, nom. nov., Agaricus indistinctus LA Parra & Kerrigan, sp. nov., Agaricus iodosmus Heinem., Agaricus jacobi LA Parra, A. Caball. & Callac, sp. nov., Agaricus kerriganii LA Parra, B. Rodr., A. Caball., M. Martín-Calvo & Callac, sp. nov., Agaricus laevis Krombh., Agaricus laskibarii LA Parra & P. ​​​​​​​​Arrill., Agaricus lecensis Harz, Agaricus leimophilus Genev., Agaricus luteoflocculosus Kalaméés, Agaricus luteomaculatus (FH Møller) FH Møller, Agaricus macrocarpus (FH Møller) FH Møller, Agaricus macrolepis (Pilát & Pouzar) Boisselet & Courtec. in Courtec., Agaricus mancus Schulzer, Agaricus marisae LA Parra & Callac, sp. nov., Agaricus matrum LA Parra, A. Caball., S. Serrano, E. Fern. & Callac, sp. nov., Agaricus medusa F. Brig., Agaricus menieri Bon, Agaricus moelleri Wasser, Agaricus moelleroides Guinb. & LA Parra, sp. nov., Agaricus niveorubens (Quél.) Massee, Agaricus obscurus Schaeff., Agaricus osecanus Pilát, Agaricus oxyosmus Mont., Agaricus pallens (JE Lange) LA Parra, pettine. nov., Agaricus parvitigrinus Guinb. & Callac, Agaricus phaeolepidotus (FH Møller) FH Møller, Agaricus placomyces Peck, Agaricus praecox var. macrospermus Schulzer, Agaricus praerimosus Peck, Agaricus praerimosus Peck, Agaricus pratensis Scop., Agaricus pratensis var. griseolilacinus Britzelm., Agaricus pretiosus A. Venturi, Agaricus pseudocomtulus (Cout.) Res.-Pinto, Agaricus pseudolutosus(G. Moreno, Esteve-Rav., Illana & Heykoop) G. Moreno, Agaricus pseudopratensis (Bohus) Wasser in Wasser, Garibova & Mokeeva, Agaricus pseudoumbrella Bohus, Agaricus pudicus Viv., Agaricus purpurellus (FH Møller) FH Møller, Agaricus remotus Fr., Agaricus rimulincola Rabenh., Agaricus rusiophyllus Lasch, Agaricus sagatus Fr., Agaricus salicophilus M. Lange, Agaricus segregatus Britzelm ., Agaricus semotus Fr., Agaricus semotus var. minimus (Ricken) Wasser, Agaricus setiger (Paulet) Fr., Agaricus silvicolisimilis Bohus & Locsmándi, Agaricus spodophyllus Krombh., Agaricus suaviodorus Schulzer, Agaricus subgibbosus (Fr.) Cooke, Agaricus subrufescens Peck, Agaricus sylvicola (Vittad.) Lév., Agaricus tenuivolvatus (FH Møller) FH Møller, Agaricus vaillantii (Richon & Roze) Codina & Font Quer, Agaricus vaporarius J. Otto, Agaricus villaticus Brond., Agaricus vindobonensis Tratt., Agaricus vinosus Corda, Agaricus xanthodermulus Callac & Guinb., Agaricus xanthodermus Genev., Agaricus xanthodermus var. lepiotoide Maire, Agaricus xanthodermus var. meleagrioides (A. Pearson) Bon & Cappelli, Agaricus zonarius (Brond. ex Quél.) Massee, Allopsalliota geesterani (Bas & Heinem.) Nauta & Bas in Nauta, Gyrophragmium italicum Petri, Hypophyllum umbrosum Paulet, Pratella arvensis var. acicola Quél., Pratella campestris var. lutescens Gillet, Pratella flavescens Gillet, Psalliota aromatica Velen., Psalliota arvensis var. candida Velen., Psalliota arvensis var. citrina R. Schulz, Psalliota arvensis var. leucospora Beck, Psalliota arvensis var. tuberosaVelen., Psalliota autunnale Velen, Psalliota bulbosa Velen., Psalliota campestris f. bresadolae Istv., Psalliota campestris var. pachypus Kobelt, Psalliota collivaga Velen., Psalliota comtula var. umbonata Velen., Psalliota cylindrica Velen., Psalliota depressa Velen., , Psalliota exannulata Velen., Psalliota foetens Smotl., Psalliota landensis L. Daniel, Psalliota lateritia Velen., Psalliota ludmilae Velen, Psalliota minuta Velen., Psalliota odoratissima Velen., Psalliota pilatii var. microspora Velen., Psalliota pilatii Velen., Psalliota richonii Richon & Roze, Psalliota rosea Velen., Psalliota sagata var. foetens S. Petersen, Psalliota squamulosa Velen., Psalliota suaveolens Velen., Psalliota sylvatica var. lucorum Velen., Psalliota tenuipes Richon & Roze, Agaricus transformis Holmsk., Psalliota umbrosa Velen., Psalliota xerophila Velen.


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