Fungi Europaei 14


Hebeloma (Fr.) P. Kumm 


Authors: H. Beker, U. Eberhardt & J. Vesterholt (2016)

Series title: Fungi EuropaeiPublisher: Edizioni Tecnografica – Copyright information: Massimo Candusso – Edition number: 1- Language: English (key: English, Italian, German and French) – Number of pages: 1218- Number of illustrations: 200 b/w illustrations, 2654 photocolor. ISBN: 9788896059425.

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New Taxa, Combinations and Typifications, Foreword, Acknowledgements, Introduction, Background, Hebeloma Ontogeny and Morphology, Ontogeny ( Macroscopic characters-Microscopic characters), Infrageneric classification and molecular results, The General Key (Key to Sections and Keys for Sections), Allgemeiner Schlüssel (Hauptschlüssel und Sektionsschlüssel), Clé générale (clé des sections et clé des espèces), Chiave generale (chiave delle sezione e chiavi delle specie. Hebeloma section Hebeloma, Hebeloma section Denudata, Hebeloma sections Sinapizantia andVelutipes, Hebeloma sections Duracinus, Myxocybe, Naviculospora, Scabrispora and Syrjense, Hebeloma section Theobromina, Hebeloma section Sacchariolentia, Hebeloma sections Porphyrospora and Pseudoamarescens. Ecology and Habitat Keys, Annotated list of published names from Europe and Africa, Bibliography,Taxonomic Index.


Agaricus augusti Schulzer, Agaricus clavus Batsch, Agaricus crustuliniformis f. inodora Britzelm., Agaricus decoratus Lindgr., Agaricus exalbidus f. vernalis Britzelm., Agaricus fastibilis β subumbonatus Schulzer, Agaricus longicaudus [β.] albus Schulzer, Agaricus repandus Schumach., Agaricus senescens Batsch, Agaricus zsigmondyi Schulzer, Hebeloma aanenii Beker, Vesterh. & U.Eberh., Hebeloma aberrans Singer, Hebeloma aestivale J.H. Petersen & Vesterh., Hebeloma albidocortinatum (Britzelm.) Sacc., Hebeloma albipes Herp., Hebeloma albocolossum M.M. Moser, Hebeloma alboerumpens Vila, Beker & U. Eberh., Hebeloma album Velen., Hebeloma alpinum (J. Favre) Bruchet, Hebeloma alvarense var. hinnuleum Vesterh., Hebeloma alvarense Vesterh. & Vauras, Hebeloma ammophilum (Bon) Bon, Hebeloma ammophilum Bohus, Hebeloma angustifolium (Britzelm.) Sacc., Hebeloma angustifolium Romagn., Hebeloma angustispermum A. Pearson, Hebeloma anthracophilum Maire, Hebeloma apolectum (Britzelm.) Sacc., Hebeloma aprile Romagn., Hebeloma atrobrunneum Vesterh., Hebeloma aurantioumbrinum Beker, Vesterh. & U.Eberh., Hebeloma birrus (Fr.) Gillet, Hebeloma birrus var. danicum (Gröger) Gminder, Hebeloma birrus var. herrmanniae (Gröger) Gminder, Hebeloma birrus var. odoratulum Bohus, Hebeloma birrus var. pumilum (J.E. Lange) Gminder, Hebeloma bruchetii Bon, Hebeloma bryogenes Vesterh., Hebeloma bulbaceum Herp., Hebeloma bulbiferum Maire, Hebeloma bulbosum Fayod, Hebeloma bulbosum Romagn., Hebeloma busporus E.H.L. Krause, Hebeloma caespitosum Velen., Hebeloma calyptrosporum Bruchet, Hebeloma candidipes Bruchet, Hebeloma capniocephalum (Bull.) Gillet, Hebeloma catalaunicum Beker, U. Eberh., Grilli & Vila sp. nov., Hebeloma cavipes Huijsman, Hebeloma celatum Grilli, U. Eberh. & Beker, Hebeloma cinereum Velen., Hebeloma circinans (Quél.) Sacc., Hebeloma cistophilum Maire, Hebeloma claviceps (Fr.) Quél., Hebeloma claviceps f. nigrescens Killerm., Hebeloma clavuligerum (Romagn.) P. Collin, Hebeloma clavulipes Romagn., Hebeloma clavulipes var. hygrophanicum Bon, Hebeloma collariatum Bruchet, Hebeloma collariatum f. aprile (Romagn.), Hebeloma collariatum f. psammicola (Bohus) Bohus, Hebeloma colossus Huijsman, Hebeloma cortinarioides E.H.L. Krause, Hebeloma crassum (Fr.) Ricken, Hebeloma cremeopallidum (Esteve-Rav. & Heykoop) Esteve-Rav. & Heykoop, Hebeloma crustuliniforme (Bull.) Quél., Hebeloma crustuliniforme f. alpinum (J. Favre) Vassilkov, Hebeloma crustuliniforme var. alba Killerm., Hebeloma crustuliniforme var. alpinum J. Favre, Hebeloma crustuliniforme var. longicaudum (Pers.) Quadr., Hebeloma crustuliniforme var. minus (Cooke) Rea, Hebeloma crustuliniforme var. tiliae Bresinsky, Hebeloma crustuliniforme var. tunetanum Pat., Hebeloma cylindrosporum f. pseudoradicatum (Bon) Migl. & Bon, Hebeloma cylindrosporum Romagn., Hebeloma danicum Gröger, Hebeloma dasypus (Romagn.) Singer, Hebeloma deflectens P. Karst., Hebeloma diffractum (Fr.) Gillet, Hebeloma domardianum (Maire) Beker, U. Eberh. & Vesterh., Hebeloma dunense L. Corb. & R. Heim , Hebeloma duracinoides Bidaud & Fillion, Hebeloma eburneum Malençon, Hebeloma echinosporum Beker & U. Eberh., Hebeloma edurum Métrod ex Bon, Hebeloma elatellum (P. Karst.) Sacc., Hebeloma elatum (Batsch) Gillet, Hebeloma erebium (Huijsman) Beker & U. Eberh., Hebeloma erumpens Contu, Hebeloma exalbidum (Britzelm.) Sacc., Hebeloma fastibile (Pers.) P. Kumm., Hebeloma fastibile f. ammophila Bon, Hebeloma fastibile var. alba (Fr.) Sacc., Hebeloma fastibile var. elegans Massee, Hebeloma flammuloides Romagn., Hebeloma flammuloides var. longiventriosopilis Quadr., Hebeloma fragilipes Romagn., Hebeloma fragrantissimum Velen., Hebeloma funariophilum M.M. Moser, Hebeloma fuscatum Beker & U. Eberh. sp.nov. , Hebeloma fusiformiradicatum (Britzelm.) Sacc., Hebeloma fusipes Bres., Hebeloma fusisporum Gröger & Zschiesch., Hebeloma geminatum Beker, Vesterh. & U.Eberh., Hebeloma gigaspermum Gröger & Zschiesch., Hebeloma glutinosum (P. Karst.) Quél., Hebeloma grandisporum Beker, U. Eberh. & A. Ronikier , Hebeloma griseopruinatum Vesterh., Beker & U. Eberh., Hebeloma groegeri Bon, Hebeloma helodes J. Favre, Hebeloma herrmanniae Gröger, Hebeloma hetieri Boud., Hebeloma hiemale Bres., Hebeloma horticola (G.H. Otth) Sacc., Hebeloma hygrophilum Poumarat & Corriol sp. nov. , Hebeloma incarnatulum A.H. Sm., Hebeloma ingratum Bruchet, Hebeloma ischnostylum (Cooke) Sacc., Hebeloma islandicum Beker & U. Eberh. sp. nov., Hebeloma kuehneri Bruchet, Hebeloma laetitiae Quadr., Hebeloma laevatum (Britzelm.) Sacc., Hebeloma laterinum (Batsch) Vesterh., Hebeloma latifolium Gröger & Zschiesch., Hebeloma latifolium P. Karst., Hebeloma leucosarx P.D. Orton, Hebeloma limbatum Beker, Vesterh. & U.Eberh., Hebeloma lindae Beker & U. Eberh. sp.nov., Hebeloma lindrothii P. Karst., Hebeloma litoreum Quadr., Hebeloma longicaudum (Pers.) P. Kumm., Hebeloma longicaudum var. radicatum (Cooke) Sacc., Hebeloma louiseae Beker, Vesterh. & U.Eberh., Hebeloma lugens (Jungh.) P. Kumm., Hebeloma lundqvistii Vesterh., Hebeloma luteicystidiatum Beker, Vesterh. & U.Eberh., Hebeloma lutense Romagn., Hebeloma macrosporum Velen., Hebeloma magnimamma (Fr.) P. Karst., Hebeloma majale Velen., Hebeloma malenconii Bellú & Lanzoni, Hebeloma marginatulum (J. Favre) Bruchet , Hebeloma matritense Beker, Vesterh. & U.Eberh., Hebeloma medianum (Britzel.) Sacc., Hebeloma mediterraneum (A. Gennari) Contu, Hebeloma melleum Beker & U. Eberh. sp. ov., Hebeloma mentiens P. Karst., Hebeloma mesophaeum (Pers.) Quél., Hebeloma mesophaeum f. cremeovelatum Bon & Haluwyn, Hebeloma mesophaeum f. holophaeum (Fr.) Quadr., Hebeloma mesophaeum var. crassipes Vesterh., Hebeloma mesophaeum var. cremeovelatum Bon & Quadr., Hebeloma mesophaeum var. holophaeum (Fr.) Sacc., Hebeloma mesophaeum var. lacteum Vesterh., Hebeloma mesophaeum var. macrosporum Remy, Hebeloma mesophaeum var. minus (Cooke) Rea, Hebeloma mesophaeum var. ochraceum Bohus, Hebeloma mesophaeum var. ochroniveum Quadr., Hebeloma mesophaeum var. strophosum Quadr., Hebeloma microsporum (Alessio & Nonis) Contu, Hebeloma minus Bruchet, Hebeloma mitratum (P. Karst.) Sacc., Hebeloma monticola Vesterh., Hebeloma mussivum (Fr.) Sacc., Hebeloma nanum Velen., Hebeloma nauseosum Sacc., Hebeloma naviculosporum Heykoop, G. Moreno & Esteve-Rav., Hebeloma nigellum Bruchet, Hebeloma nigricans Velen., Hebeloma nudipes (Fr.) Kalchbr., Hebeloma ochroalbidum Bohus, Hebeloma octavii Velen., Hebeloma oculatum Bruchet, Hebeloma odini (Fr.) P. Karst., Hebeloma odoratissimum (Britzelm.) Sacc., Hebeloma odoratum Velen., Hebeloma oreophilum Beker & U. Eberh., Hebeloma pallidolabiatum Beker & U.Eberh., Hebeloma pallidoluctuosum Gröger & Zschiesch., Hebeloma pallidum Malençon, Hebeloma pallidum P. Kumm., Hebeloma pamphiliense Cittadini, Lezzi & Contu, Hebeloma parvicystidiatum Beker, Vesterh. & U. Eberh., Hebeloma perexiguum Beker & U.Eberh., Hebeloma perpallidum M.M. Moser, Hebeloma petiginosum (Fr.) P. Kumm., Hebeloma petrakii (Hruby) Singer Hebeloma plesiocistum Beker, U. Eberh. & Vila, Hebeloma polare Vesterh., Hebeloma populinum Romagn., Hebeloma porphyrosporum Maire, Hebeloma praefinitum (Britzelm.) Sacc., Hebeloma proletaria Velen., Hebeloma psammicola Bohus, Hebeloma psammophilum Bon, Hebeloma pseudoamarescens (Kühner & Romagn.) P. Collin, Hebeloma pseudofragilipes Beker, Vesterh. & U.Eberh., Hebeloma pseudopunctatum Herp., Hebeloma pubescens Beker & U. Eberh. sp nov., Hebeloma pudica Hruby, Hebeloma pumilum J.E. Lange, Hebeloma punctatiforme Hruby, Hebeloma punctatum (Fr.) P. Kumm., Hebeloma pusillum J.E. Lange, Hebeloma pusillum var. longisporum Bruchet, Hebeloma pyrophilum G. Moreno & M.M. Moser, Hebeloma pyrophilum var. longiventriosopilis (Quadr.) Quadr., Hebeloma queletii Schulzer, Hebeloma quercetorum Quadr., Hebeloma radicatum (Cooke) Maire, Hebeloma radicosum (Bull.) Ricken, Hebeloma remyi Bruchet ex Quadr., Hebeloma repandum Bruchet, Hebeloma rostratum Beker, Vesterh. & U. Eberh., Hebeloma rubrofuscum Velen., Hebeloma rubrum (G.H. Otth) Sacc., Hebeloma sacchariolens Quél., Hebeloma sacchariolens var. pallidoluctuosum (Gröger & Zschiesch.) Quadr., Hebeloma sacchariolens var. tomentosum M.M. Moser, Hebeloma salicicola Beker, Vesterh. & U. Eberh., Hebeloma sambucinum (Fr.) P. Karst., Hebeloma scabellum (P. Kumm.) P. Karst., Hebeloma senescens Berk. & Broome, Hebeloma sinapizans (Paulet) Gillet, Hebeloma sinapizans var. repandum Sacc., Hebeloma sinuosum (Fr.) Quél., Hebeloma sordescens Vesterh., Hebeloma sordidum Maire, Hebeloma spetsbergense Beker & U. Eberh. sp nov., Hebeloma spoliatum (Fr.) Gillet, Hebeloma squamulosum Velen., Hebeloma stenocystis J. Favre, Hebeloma sterile (Jungh.) Sacc., Hebeloma strophosum (Fr.) Sacc., Hebeloma suaveolens Velen., Hebeloma subcaespitosum Bon, Hebeloma subcaespitosum var. psammicola (Bohus) Bohus, Hebeloma subcollariatum (Berk. & Broome) Sacc., Hebeloma subconcolor Bruchet, Hebeloma submelinoides (Kühner) Kühner, Hebeloma subsaponaceum P. Karst., Hebeloma subscambum (Britzelm.) Sacc., Hebeloma subtestaceum (Batsch) Bres. & Sacc., Hebeloma subtortum P. Karst., Hebeloma subzonatum (Weinm.) Sacc., Hebeloma syrjense (P. Karst.) P. Karst., Hebeloma sztoczeki (Schulzer) Sacc., Hebeloma tenuifolium Romagn., Hebeloma testaceum Quél., Hebeloma theobrominum Quadr., Hebeloma theobrominum var. pruinosum (M.M. Moser) Quadr., Hebeloma tomentosum (M.M. Moser) Gröger & Zschiesch., Hebeloma tortuosum P. Karst., Hebeloma truncatum (Schaeff.) P. Kumm., Hebeloma truncatum var. pruinosum M.M. Moser, Hebeloma truncatum var. ulophyllum P. Karst., Hebeloma tumidulum (Britzelm.) Sacc., Hebeloma vaccinum Romagn., Hebeloma vaccinum var. cephalotum Enderle & Vesterh., Hebeloma vaccinum var. cremeopallidum Esteve-Rav. & Heykoop, Hebeloma vatricosum (Fr.) Murrill, Hebeloma vejlense Vesterh., Hebeloma velatum Velen., Hebeloma velutipes Bruchet, Hebeloma vernale Velen., Hebeloma versipelle (Fr.) Gillet, Hebeloma versipelle f. alpinum Citerin, Hebeloma versipelle var. marginatulum J. Favre, Hebeloma vesterholtii Beker & U. Eberh., Hebeloma violascens Sacc., Hebeloma virgatum Velen., Hebeloma xerophilum Rudn.-Jez., Hebelomina neerlandica Huijsman, Hebelomina pallida (Dessì & Contu), Inocybe imbecillis (Pass.) Sacc., Inocybe velenovskyi Hruby.


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