Flora Mycologica Iberica 2


Myxomycetes, I. Ceratiomyxales, Echinosteliales, Liceales, Trichiales


Authors: Lado C & Pando F. (1997)

Publisher: J. Cramer VerlagVolumes: Flora Mycologica Iberica n. 2  Language: English – Number of pages: 323. ISBN: 978-3-443-65007-0

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The volumes of Flora Mycologica Iberica describe and document the variety and nature of the fungi of the Iberian Peninsula. At the same time the volumes provide keys for the identification of the species treated.

As fungi differ considerably, their study requires a certain degree of specialization. On the other hand, some groups have received a greater degree of attention than others.

All volumes of Flora Mycologica Iberica are bilingual (english/spanish) and are profusely illustrated. They are edited by the Real Jardin Botanico, Madrid, the botanical Garden of Madrid, Spain.

In the second volume, Carlos LADO and Francisco PANDO deal with the first part of Myxomycetes. It contains the orders Ceratiomyxales, Echinosteliales, Liceales and Trichiales (including a new nomenclatural combination). After a brief introduction, an identification key leads to the orders; this also refers to the Physarales and Stemonitales. The orders, genera and species are presented according to the same concept as described for Volume 1 each in alphabetical order. 95 illustrations with habitus and micro-drawings complete the species descriptions. Extensive bibliographies complete the picture in both volumes.


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